(formally La Fontaine
Middle School)

La Fontaine Avenue
and East 180th Street

Vito Acconci
Untitled, 1995
brick pavers, concrete, mirror, steel 2' x 64' x 150'


Acconci has created a courtyard design which transposes elements of the building's façade onto the ground of the plaza. The courtyard spaces are enclosed by a classroom building on one side, a cafeteria / gymnasium on the opposite side, and a connecting bridge building in the middle. Stamped cement pavers imitate the brick of the building walls. Seating and planters are modeled after the panes and mullions of the windows. Constructed in black concrete with sparkling bits of mica, some elements are raised and serve as benches. Mirrored sides make these windows appear to float. Others are flush with the ground. The proposal drawing is an Escher-like rendering of the site. The project continues Acconci's interest in transposing and subverting the logic of architectural space.

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