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Transfer to Lehman

BTAG (Bronx Transfer Affinity Group)
Transfer from CUNY Community Colleges
Transfer from SUNY Community Colleges
Tranfer from Other Colleges

Transferring from a community college

  • It is recommended that students transfer to Lehman College once they have completed their Associate degree. Students transferring to Lehman College with an AA or AS degree with a GPA of 2.0 or higher will be considered to have met their lower level General Education requirements. Students transferring to Lehman with an A.A.S. degree will be required to complete the CUNY Pathways General Education Curriculum.

  • Degree Requirements for students interested in transferring to Lehman College.

  • While we encourage students to complete their Associate degree, some students choose to transfer to Lehman College before completing their Associate degree. In these cases, we suggest that students who can complete their Associate degree requirements during their first two semesters at Lehman College work with Advisors at both Lehman and Hostos Community College to ensure that students maximize opportunities to take Lehman courses that will apply to requirements at both colleges.  Students who complete their Associate degree while enrolled at Lehman College via this reverse transfer process will have their lower-level General Education requirements reevaluated as an Associate degree transfer student.

  • Degree Requirements for non-Associate’s degree holders.

You can use the Transfer Explorer (TREX) tool to see how credits will transfer from any CUNY college into Lehman. You can use this tool to help plan your transfer to ensure you are taking courses that will benefit you the most upon transfer to Lehman.

Transferring from a senior college

  • Lehman accepts up to 90 credits in transfer toward degree requirements, including up to 70 credits from a community college.  Students who have attended colleges outside of CUNY must provide official transcripts from each institution attended, even if the credits were transferred to another college.

Transferring from a college in another country

If you have missed the application deadline for the semester you are interested in attending Lehman, please contact the Lehman College Office of Admissions at (718) 960-8713 to see whether direct admission applications are still being accepted.  Information about admission requirements and the application process can be found at: