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Urban Male Leadership Program at Lehman College

Our Services

Academic and Intervention Success

Students in the UMLP may take advantage of the “Academic Intervention and Success” (A.I.S.) service. First-year, transfer students, and those at risk of dropping out are encouraged to participate in workshops to help make their classroom and personal lives more manageable. The A.I.S. provision also includes referrals for additional on-campus services.

  • Tutoring
  • Study Groups
  • Workshops
  • Academic Advisement
  • Counseling Center
  • Career Services

Please stop by our office in the Old Gym [Suite 302] to schedule an appointment with our Academic and Intervention Success Coordinator.


Lehman faculty and staff are committed to mentoring students through the UMLP 's "Circle of Support" program. Mentors are paired with students based on their interests, specializations, and fields of study.


The UMLP reaches out to the Lehman campus to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the nature of the higher education process. The program holds weekly workshops, meetings, and other events to give UMLP students and other cohorts an opportunity to learn about the many services and resources available for them on campus. The program also reaches out to middle and high school students to strengthen the school-to-college pipeline through workshops, campus tours, and the actual experience of “a day in the life” of a Lehman College student.

Retention Program

Leadership Retreats for UMLP students focus on academic enrichment, self-identity, community responsibility, and personal development.  The Distinguished Speaker Series invites experts from academia, the law, medicine, public service, and other professional fields to discuss issues affecting underrepresented communities. By sharing their own experiences, guest speakers give UMLP students encouragement and insights that will be useful throughout their lives.  The Educational Summit is a full-day conference sponsored annually by "CUNitY," an alliance formed by the Black Male Initiative programs at Lehman College, Hostos Community College, and Bronx Community College. The conference, while open to all, focuses on educational and social issues related to the retention of Black and Latino male college students. Participants listen to a panel discussion and then meet in workshops led by CUNY faculty and staff on topics derived from the panel discussion.

Freshman Seminar (LEH 100) Fall Semester

The UMLP has worked fervently to increase student success among enrolled students on-campus as well as with students yet to begin college.  It is within these activities UMLP recruits students to register for the Freshman Seminar (LEH 100) course, a 3-credit course that will specifically address specifically identified needs of African-American and Latino male students. The three-credit course will also help students transition into college life at Lehman as well as develop students’ research abilities by providing training, information, and media sources in academic studies.  UMLP staff and UMLP Ambassadors will continue to work closely with the Freshman Seminar students throughout the academic year.  This course is a key factor in providing students the initial opportunity to build their Passport to Success.  Specifically,Passport to Success tracks student participation and recognizes each notable effort.

Leadership Workshop

Spotlight Events

The Urban Male Distinguished Speakers Series

The Distinguished Speaker Series invites noted speakers to the Lehman College campus to discuss issues surrounding underrepresented communities. The Urban Male Leadership Program identifies speakers who are experts in their professions and knowledgeable in a variety of subject areas. This series is open to all of the Lehman College campus and the surrounding community.

Educational Summit - Annual Spring Event

The Urban Male Leadership Program at Lehman College is host to the CUNY Annual Educational Summit. The CUNitY collaboration consists of Lehman College, Bronx Community College and Hostos Community College. This full day conference addresses a variety of educational issues that affect the attrition and retention rates of all college students with a focus on Black and Latino male students. In an effort to facilitate the school to college pipeline, UMLP also collaborates with all CUNitY Division of Enrollment Management and as well as secondary schools in the Lehman catchment area.  Summit highlights include a panel discussion consisting of guest academic speakers from diverse disciplines addressing the state of Black and Latino males in America followed by hands-on workshops and networking opportunities for students. In recognition of Woman’s History Month, The Educational Summit also recognizes selected women faculty members who have demonstrated a continuous commitment to students of CUNitY BMI programs.