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Lehman College

Online Advanced Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education

Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

Lehman College’s online MSOL program is designed to engage, empower and energize our graduates to lead organizational reform and act as change agents for continuous improvement and better outcomes that impact their organization and its surrounding communities. The MSOL program provides knowledge of leadership roles and emphasizes interpersonal skills in order to accomplish its purpose of developing leaders capable of developing and sustaining successful, thriving organizations.

  • 100% online – no attendance required on campus
  • Earn a graduate degree in 12 months
  • No GRE required
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Courses offered in summer,fall, winter, and spring
  • Committed, caring faculty who are skilled organizational leaders

Program Outcomes

  • Deepen their knowledge and expand their skills to prepare for leadership roles across multiple fields
  • Identify current challenges of organizational leadership
  • Acquire invaluable tools for ongoing self-assessment and growth as a leader
  • Learn how to make ethical leadership choices (and resolve ethical dilemmas)
  • Master proven techniques of collaborative team communication
  • Discover how to utilize the creative tension generated by diversity to build high-performance teams
  • Communicate and build effective community partnerships
  • Harness human ingenuity, technology and environmental change to foster continuous learning and competitive advantage
  • Unleash human potential and generate motivation

This program offers practical tools to students, which immediately can be applicable in their respective places of work, and cultivates graduates who are highly prepared meet organizational goals and lead across the ever-evolving diversity landscape of the 21st century. The MSOL Program is based, in part, on the School of Education’s Lehman Urban Transformative Education conceptual framework, whose mission is to facilitate the development of competent, caring and qualified leaders.