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Prof. Patricio Lerzundi

Prof. Lerzundi
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Languages & Literatures

Admission to the Program

Students must have demonstrated language proficiency in a foreign language (by completing any 200 or 300 level course) and English (by completing English 102). Majors are encouraged to take at least 18 credits from courses related to the field of journalism and mass communication. Students who are non-native speakers of a foreign language are encouraged to take at least 9 credits at the 300 or 400 level in the foreign language concentration beyond the 12 credits required for the major.

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Program Requirements                                              

The 42-credit Program has four components:

  1. 12 credits of advanced foreign language courses (Advanced Grammar; Advanced Translation; Phonetics and Diction; Journalistic Writing);

  2. 9 credits of Print Media (Introduction to Journalism; Journalistic Writing; Editing and Proof reading;

  3. 9 credits of Electronic Media (Foundations of Broadcasting; Broadcast Journalism; Audio/Video Production), and

  4. 12 credits of Multilingual Journalism (Introduction to Multilingual Media; U.S. Multilingual Market; Desktop Publishing; Internship for Seniors).

Credit Courses

12 SPA 307, SPA 308, SPA 309, SPA 357*

  9 ENW 207, ENW 317, ENW 323

  9 SPE 226 or 315, SPE 214, SPE 317

12 MLJ 211, ART 212, MLJ 302, MLJ 470

* Substitution for concentration language chosen

Internships, Cooperative Education

Earn and learn. Gain work experience and college credits through job placements in business, media, and cultural organizations.

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Courses Related to the Major

This is a partial list of courses related to the Multilingual Journalism Program. Students are encouraged to consult their mentors or the College Bulletin for additional information on other courses.

Multilingual Journalism

MLJ 350: Special topics

MLJ 370: Internship I

Department of English

ENW 309: Critical Review Writing

ENW 365: Special Topics in Professional Writing

ENW 381: Individual Tutorial in Writing

ENW 462: Seminar in Professional Writing

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Department of Speech and Theatre

SPE 240: Communication in Society

SPE 314: Advanced Audio Production

SPE 318: Writing for the Mass Media

SPE 404: Television Directing

SPE 417: Broadcast Programming

SPE 418: Mass Media and Public Policy

SPE 452: Special Studies in Mass Communication

SPE 490: Research Project in Mass Communication

Department of Anthropology                                                                        

ANT 250: The Italian-American Community

ANT 326: Anthropological Linguistics

ANT 328: Language and Culture

ANT 337: Inequality in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Department of Art

ART 312: Two-Dimensional Designs

ART 358: Field Methods in Photography/Photojournalism

Department of History

HIU 324: The History of Italian-Americans

HIU 328: The Family in American History

HIU 335: Immigration in America

HIU 344: American Jewish History

HIU 347: The Mainland Borough: The Bronx as a City in History

HIU 348: The History of New York City: City and State

Department of Black Studies

BLS 177: Afro-Caribbean Heritage

BLS 235: Afro-Caribbean Societies

BLS 239: Black Women in American Society

BLS 245: Afro-American Heritage

BLS 335: The Afro-Caribbean and World Politics

BLS 352: Topics in African-American History and Culture

BLS 353: Topics in Caribbean History, Politics, and Society

Department of Secondary, Adult and Business Education

ESC 407: Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Department of Puerto Rican Studies

PRS 241: Migration & the Puerto Rican Community in the U.S.

PRS 242: Latinos in the U.S.

PRS 307: Puerto Rico in the 20th Century: 1898-Present

PRS 308: The Economy of Puerto Rico

PRS 310: Political Parties in Puerto Rico

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Faculty Advisory Committee

Herbert Broderick, Art

Martin Gitterman, Speech and Theatre

Patricio Lerzundi, Languages & Literatures, Multilingual Journalism

James Jervis, Black Studies

Robert Lundberg, Secondary, Adult, and Business Education

Hermino Martinez, Mass Communications

Anne Perryman, Media Relations

Gaoyin Qian, Specialized Services in Education

Jose Luis Renique, History

Gary Schwartz, Lehman Scholars

Robert Whittaker, Languages & Literatures


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