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Center for Human Rights & Peace Studies

Visiting Scholars


Yazier Henry (Summer)

Yazier Henry Yazier Henry is a public intellectual and professional human rights advocate. He has written and published on the politics of voice, memory, trauma, identity, peace processes, and international transitional justice mechanisms such as Truth Commissions. His research projects focus on how structural and administrative violence come to be institutionalized during post-colonial transitions. While at the Center, he is currently working on a book theorizing the institutional use and ethics of official testimony to violence, human rights abuse and atrocity. His community development works include: creating psycho-social reintegration interventions with former combatants, political prisoners, and torture survivors; developing popular education programs focusing on peace building and social dialogue; and capacity building within social rights and apology movements. He has taught at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan since 2008.

Lorenzo Mariano Juárez (Spring)

Lorenzo and Paula Garcia, Chorti Region, GuatemalaDr. Juárez is currently working on a national research project entitled "Los pueblos indígenas y la modernidad en América Latina" ("Indigenous People and Modernity in Latin America"), which investigates the impact of indigenous peoples on Western modernities. During his stay at the Center, his lines of research were twofold:

  • The senses, expressions and meanings of contemporary violence in Central America in general, and Guatemala in particular. From the notion of the "spillover of violence", an analysis of the impact of violence on political cultures and everyday lives.
  • Indigenous notions about hunger and poverty, and dialogue around aid programs. Within the field of applied anthropology, an attempt to delimit the possibilities of a culturalist anthropology of hunger.

Resulting from his stay at the Center, Dr. Juárez will publish the following works: "Violencias de ayer, violencias de hoy. Lógicas y sentidos culturales del desbordamiento en la Guatemala contemporánea"; "Violencias contemporáneas y cultura política en la América Latina del siglo XXI"; "El hambre"; and "Amores que alimentan, alimentos que no. Violencia moral en la atención al hambre en el oriente de Guatemala".


Isabel González Enríquez (Fall)

Isabel at Lehman CollegeIsabel was the Center's first Visiting Scholar. Her doctoral research focuses on forced migration in Colombia.