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Finanical Aid Office at Lehman College

Financial Aid Programs



General Information

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Studying overseas can be a enriching, life changing experience.  Financing that experience, however, necessitates following a straight forward but detailed process. Follow the steps below:

  • Research CUNY’s International Education Programs
  • File the current year’s FAFSA application and afterwards file the current year’s TAP application
  • Speak with your major’s Departmental Advisors and/or an advisor from the Office Academic Standards and Evaluation (Shuster Hall, Room 280).  Your overseas studies course(s) must count toward your degree. 
  • Select the program that you would like to participate in. Apply for acceptance into the study abroad program of your choice.  Prioritize the process so as to comply with all deadlines.
  • Get the permission of the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Study Abroad Programs to allow your intended abroad course(s) to transfer back to Lehman College. The Office of Undergraduate Studies and Study Abroad Programs is located in Carman Hall, Room 337; telephone # 718-960-8345.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office and speak with a financial aid officer regarding financing options. 
  • If not already done, complete the Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance Counseling and sign a Direct Loan Electronic Master Promissory Note (E-MPN) at  Most students Lehman College students finance their study abroad experience via the Federal Direct Student Loan program.  If you need to borrow, visit the loan application PDF and follow the instructions.


  • Apply for a STOCS Study/Travel Opportunities scholarship.
  • Research other financial aid options. Students (US Citizens, Permanents residents, refugees and Asylees) who are participating in CUNY sponsored International Education Programs are eligible to apply for US Department of Education Title IV funding.  CUNY “Exchange Program” students are also eligible to apply for funding from the TAP Program.

For additional study abroad funding visit the Study Abroad website

Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)

The National Institutes of Health MARC Honors Undergraduate Research Training Awards are designed to increase the number of well-prepared minority students who can successfully compete for entry into doctoral biomedical research programs. Student assistance is in the form of tuition, fees and stipend. For further information please contact Professor Joseph Rachlin in Shuster Hall, room 302 (718-960-8764) or visit  Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC).

Winter Session Financial Aid

Registration information for both the Winter session and the regular Spring term will be available during Winter session registration period.

Limited Financial Aid is available for Winter session classes: 

Federal Pell Grant-In order to receive a Federal Pell Grant to help pay for Winter costs, students are required to:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements to receive a Pell Grant.
  • Successfully complete courses in the Winter Session as an eligible Undergraduate AT THE SAME SCHOOL
  • Be less than 12 credits for the regular Spring semester in order for the Pell Grant to apply to the Winter balance; there is no increase in a Pell Grant if the student is enrolled Full-Time for the Spring.

Federal Direct Loans-In order to receive a Federal Direct Loan to help pay for Winter costs, students MUST:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements to receive a Direct Loan
  • Be enrolled for BOTH Winter and Spring semesters in the same degree program AT THE SAME SCHOOL for a minimum of 6 combined credits. Loans are NOT available to students enrolled in ONLY Winter courses.

N.Y. State TAP Grant- The TAP grant is not available to cover expenses for the Winter session.