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To access the Lehman email server/system, click here. The new mail server is at http://mail.lehman.edu :  to log in to your account you will need to use your Lehman email name (Jane.Doe) and your default password.  If you do not know the format for your default password, contact the Lehman help desk at 718-960-1111 or help.desk@lehman.cuny.edu. You may automatically forward mail received at your Lehman email address to any other email address:

Starting and Stopping Automatic Forwarding

When you set up forwarding for your mail account, messages addressed to your account are automatically sent (forwarded) to another e-mail address. You can specify one or more valid e-mail addresses as destinations for your forwarded messages. You can easily stop forwarding and revert back to receiving your messages at your original e-mail address.

To start automatic forwarding:

  1. From the Options pages, click Forwarding.
    Result: The Options: Forwarding page displays.
  2. In the Forward to text box, enter the destination e-mail addresses to which you want your mail to be automatically forwarded. If you enter multiple addresses, separate them with commas; for example,

    user@hostname, user@hostname, user@hostname

    To have a copy of forwarded messages delivered to your inbox, select the Keep a copy of each forwarded message checkbox. Click Start or Reset.
    Result: If you clicked Start, messages addressed to your account are automatically forwarded to the specified destination address. If you clicked Reset, the text box is cleared of any changes you made to it.

To stop automatic forwarding:

  1. Click Forwarding.
    Result: The Options: Forwarding page displays.
  2. Click Stop.
    Result: Your mail delivery automatically reverts to your Inbox e-mail address.

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