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Self-Assessment: Is Online Study for You?

Can I take an online course?  Try this self-assessment
Answer the following questions, selecting how often the statement is true for you: Choose the number that best describes your habits. Click the radio button for your response. Your answers will be evaluated when you click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page.:
  • I send e-mails to other people.

Always         Often        Sometimes       Rarely        Never

  • I receive e-mails from other people

Always         Often         Sometimes       Rarely       Never

  • I write letters, reports, papers, notes on a computer.

Always           Often         Sometimes      Rarely       Never

  • I highlight text to copy, paste or delete

Always           Often         Sometimes      Rarely      Never

  • I search the Web when I need some information.

Always           Often           Sometimes     Rarely       Never

  • I keep to a regular weekly schedule of activities.

Always           Often          Sometimes      Rarely    Never

  • I hand in class assignments on time.

Always           Often           Sometimes      Rarely      Never


Click on the submit button below to get the recommendation result.



What equipment do you need to take an online course?
  • Any computer on campus (at the IT Center, at the Library, in various classroom buildings) will do.
  • Any computer in your local library with a connection to the Internet will do.
  • You own home computer with an Internet connection.A dial-up connection is OK, DSL or Cable is better.

What software will I need?

  • A web browser (Netscape 4.01 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher). Please note that Blackboard does not work with AOL's web browser. NOTE: To use these browsers with AOL, log on to AOL as you normally do. Once signed on, go into a chat room so that you will not be auto-logged off, then minimize the screen; AOL will continue running. Open Netscape or Internet Explorer and use it to access any URL you wish.
  • Programs recommended or required by your instructor (for example, Microsoft Word, Excel).
  • An e-mail account, provided either by the College or by an independent Internet Provider.  You can get a free Email account at MSN-Hotmail or Yahoo.


Summary of computer requirements for online courses

Minimum Recommended
Pentium II-class processor
Windows 98 or higher, Macintosh users - System 7
56 Kbps modem
A connection to the Internet
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
An Email account
A word processor with the capability to save files in the Microsoft Word 6.0 (or higher) file format
Pentium 3 or 4
Windows 98, 2000, or XP
Macintosh users - System 9 or OS X
128-512 MB RAM
DSL or Cable connection to the Internet
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
An Email account
MS-Office 2000 or XP


You get to Blackboard via the CUNY Portal: DO NOT USE the old Lehman Blackboard username, password, and location!

Go to www.cuny.edu the CUNY Portal and click on “Log-in” (left side)

  • If you have not activated your CUNY Portal account, click on “Register now!” to activate your CUNY Portal account:

Click on Student, and then fill in the Last Name, Social Security Number (no hyphens), Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy), click NEXT, CONFIRM the information.

You will get a USERNAME and you will be asked for a PASSWORD.  Make a note of the USERNAME and keep a note of the PASSWORD you create.  If you forget these it is complicated to reenter your account!

If you receive an error message (like “One or more fields below did not exactly match the data we have in our records. Please try again.”), try again.

If you still cannot confirm your account USERNAME and PASSWORD, follow the instructions at this site:

Questions, Answers, and Troubleshooting: http://www.lehman.edu/vpstud/registrar/cunyportal/cunyportalfaq.html

  • Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on Log In to get to your own CUNY Portal page – My Page.
  • On My Page, click on Blackboard, which will bring up the “Check In to Blackboard” Page 

You may have to reenter your USERNAME and PASSWORD again;

This Verification page can be accessed directly (without accessing the CUNY Portal): go to https://blackboard-doorway.cuny.edu/

  • On the “Check In to Blackboard” Page, click on Student on the Lehman College line
  • This will bring up your Lehman College opening Blackboard page:
    • You should find your current semester classes listed
    • All your classes are listed, for all of 2004, beginning with spring semester.  They are alphabetical by Course Alpha Code, e.g. ENG, POL, SOC. 
    • If the class has been activated you can click on the title to go to that course.  Courses that are NOT activated are followed by the comment (unavailable).
    • Your instructor will activate the Blackboard site for your course, if it is to be used.

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