What Is an Online Course?

There are two kinds of online courses:


Courses taught completely on line are called "asynchronous." In the totally online course, the students meet face to face once at the beginning of the semester to become familiar with the course requirements and to meet the instructor.   Usually there is only one class meeting, but no more than 4 of the 14 weeks in a semester are taught in class.  The rest of the course happens online.  All discussions, project presentations, delivery of assignments, group work and even tests can occur in the course site.


Courses that combine classroom and online learning are called "hybrid." Hybrid online courses are taught both on line and in the classroom.  Hybrid courses are like regular courses in that they have a class meeting schedule, and the hybrid course often begins as a regular classroom course would.Usually the teaching and learning are evenly split between class and online, but a course can use nearly all its 14 weeks in the classroom.

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Demonstration lessons:Try out a course to see what Blackboard is like: click on these Colleges and follow instructions....

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