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Special Thanks to These Contributors to the BRS in 2003

Twenty people contributed money to the BRS last year over and above their regular membership fees. We would like to thank them for the concrete and substantial support that have given the BRS. Such contributions are essential to the continued vitality of the Society, and we appreciate this support very much. The contributors were:

Patron: ($250 and up) David Goldman,
Sponsors: ($100 and up) Congressman Neil Abercrombie, Robert A. Reimenschneider, Warren Allen Smith, and Yvonne Jonath,
Sustainers: ($65 and up) Fred Bomberger and James A. Judkins,
Contributors: ($50 and up) John J. Fitzgerald, James Gordon, Earl Hansen, Justin Leiber, Gladys Leithauser, Stephen J. Reinhardt, Michael A. Sequeira, John J. Fitzgerald, John Philip Ebersole, Robert K. Davis, D.M. Daugharty, Bae Dong-In, and Jay Aragona,
Other Donor: Ricard Flores.
~ * ~
As indicated on the cover, the BRS Quarterly is now published with the support from the Humanities Division at Lehman College, City University of New York. Specifically, it has received a grant from the Dean of Humanities at Lehman College, Marlene Gottieb, for $3000. We hope to use the extra money to make small improvements in the Quarterly throughout the following year.
~ * ~
The editors of the BRSQ would like to thank BRS Treasurer Dennis Darland for all the help he has given them since they began editing the Quarterly in August. Only when they started working on the Quarterly did they discover how much work Dennis does for the Society, and how he is always there for people when help is needed with Society business. We feel lucky to have Dennis managing the Society's day-to-day business.
~ * ~
Russell in Rochester. In December, the Greater Rochester Russell Set met at Daily Perks for the last time. As of January, it has been meeting at Writers & Books in Rochester (740 University Ave, ph: 585-473-2590). Meetings are at 7 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Admission is $3, free to members of W&B (for those who attend regularly, basic membership in W&B costs less than paying at the door). David White says that W&Bs is Rochester's best-known literary institution and is expected to be an excellent venue for the GRRS. W&B faculty are all published authors or university professors, but since W&B does not give "credit" or award degrees, the tuition charge is far less than at colleges and universities.
~ * ~
Election Results – A Preordained Landslide Takes Place on Schedule

With only seven nominations and one well announced write-in candidate for eight three-year term positions on the BRS Board of Directors, results were not entirely unforeseen. Those elected for the 2004-2006 term are: Ken Blackwell, Dennis Darland, David Henehan, John Lenz, Stephen Reinhardt, Tom Stanley, David White, and David Blitz.

Here are the votes for each: Ken Blackwell: 29, Dennis Darland: 29, David Henehan: 25, John Lenz: 29, Stephen Reinhardt: 27, Tom Stanley: 29, David White: 23. The number of write-in votes are as follows: Edgar Boedeker: 2, David Blitz: 12, Don Jackanicz: 1, Kevin Klement: 2.

Congratulations and best of luck to the 2004-06 Directors. Thanks also to Tom Stanley for being the election committee and collecting and counting all the votes and to Chad Trainer for verifying them.
~ * ~
Current Society Officers and Members of the Board:

Officers of the Bertrand Russell Society:

President: Alan Schwerin
Vice President: Ray Perkins, Jr.
Treasurer: Dennis Darland
Secretary: Chad Trainer
Chairperson of the Board: David White.

Society Board of Directors:
(2002-2004) Kevin Brodie, Rosalind Carey, Tim Madigan, Ray Perkins, Alan Schwerin, Warren Allen Smith, Chad Trainer, Thom Weidlich

(2003-2005) Andrew Bone, Peter Stone, Nick Griffin, Ruili Ye, David Goldman, Cara Rice, Justin Leiber, C. Padia

(2004-2006) Ken Blackwell, Dennis Darland, David Henehan, John Lenz, Stephen Reinhardt, Tom Stanley, David White, David Blitz

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