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This is a story with many authors. Children from around the world participated in its development. Children growing up with some type of medical problem--with some type of wrinkle in the fabric of their childhood. They wrote to me of their lives, and I have tried to incorporate much of what they shared in this story. Their notes to me provided snapshots of their humor and courage--their childishness and their wisdom. I hope that I have done them justice, and have conveyed with accuracy the reality that children with health concerns, whatever they be, are first of all children...

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Third grade children illustrated the story with talent and much enthusiasm. There are three picures on each page, and I hope that you'll be patient while they come to life on your monitor. If you don't have the time, catch this small bus for an unillustrated version of the story, "BandAides and Blackboards, Sally Goes to School"

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 Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
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