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Maria-Isabel Roldós:

Roldos, Maria-Isabel, Breen, Nancy (2020). Using Economic Evaluations to Hasten Health Equity. In press

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Judith Aponte:

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John Orazem:

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Martin Downing:

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Jacob Eubank:

Eubank, J.M., Burt, K.G., & Orazem, J. (in press). Examining the psychometric properties of a refined perceived stress scale during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Special issue]. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community.

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Katherine Ann Gregory:

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Jaye Jones:

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Noemi Rodriguez:

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Eleanore Wurtzel:

Selected papers in high impact journals:

Wurtzel ET, Vickers CE, Hanson AD, Millar AH, Cooper M, Voss-Fels KP, Nikel PI, Erb TJ (2019) Revolutionizing agriculture with synthetic biology. Nature Plants 5: 1207-1210.

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Complete bibliography can be found here.