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Returning to the Workplace

Can an employee show up to the campus or the office if they are not vaccinated or don’t want to disclose their vaccination status?

Beginning August 16, employees who are not fully vaccinated or who do not voluntarily disclose their vaccination status will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within the past seven days to enter Lehman College and all other CUNY facilities. Employees have to be tested once each week at a CUNY test site if proof of vaccination is not submitted. There is no charge for the COVID-19 test at a CUNY test site, the weekly test is free. (See section Uploading Proof of Vaccination to CUNYfirst for instructions about the Vaccination Verification process.)

How does an employee become exempt from the requirement to test weekly?

Employees are not required to have a weekly test if they provide proof of vaccination or they have a 100% remote work agreement. If an employee who has a 100% remote work agreement for the fall semester fails to submit proof of vaccination when the remote agreement expires, that employee will be required to have a weekly COVID-19 test administered at a CUNY authorized test center to campus.  The testing program includes the periodic screening of a random sampling of vaccinated individuals across the University. The frequency of such testing will depend upon the coronavirus positivity rate and the prevalence of variants among other factors. 

If an employee is affiliated with two or more CUNY schools, are they required to test for each campus?

No, the employee does not have to test at each campus. Once tested, the employees’ access status is available for seven days to all CUNY schools the employee is affiliated with. After seven days the access code changes from green (entry) to red (no entry) if the employee does not have a weekly test.

If an employee is affiliated with two or more CUNY schools, are they required to provide proof of vaccination for each campus?

No. If proof of vaccination is uploaded to the Vaccination Verification site and approved at one campus, the pass is good for all CUNY locations, all schools will know the employee has a green token and is permitted to enter the campus or facility.

Must I test on the campus where I work or can I test at any CUNY campus?

Employees may test at any CUNY campus that has a CUNY COVID-19 test site. The directory of test sites is posted to this webpage CUNY COVID-19 Testing Site Locations – The City University of New York. 

Is there a COVID-19 test site at Lehman College?

Yes. Beginning August 13, the test site will be temporarily located in Science Hall, Room 1405. You can access the site via Gate 6. In a few weeks the test site will move to a trailer in the Science/Gillet Hall parking lot. The hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and  Wednesday and Thursday, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Are walk-ins accepted or is an appointment needed for each test?

Appointments are required. You can schedule a test appointment, receive test results and display proof of testing using the Cleared4 health verification management system. Cleared4 will send an email to employees in the test pool explaining how to enroll in the testing program. Employees in the test pool are those who do not voluntarily provide their vaccination verification or those who fail to provide proof of a 100% remote work schedule. Once registered, employees in the test pool will receive an overview of the program and instructions on how to proceed. Appointment scheduling, test results, and other communications will all flow through the Cleared4 platform. Lehman’s Office of Human Resources cannot schedule appointments.

Can I submit a test result from a neighborhood test site, urgent care facility, hospital or other test site instead of CUNY’s test site?

No. CUNY has a contract with safeCircle to perform COVID-19 testing for employees and students. CUNY will only accept the test results performed by safeCircle at a CUNY COVID-19 test location. Test results will not be accepted from a neighborhood test site, urgent care facility, hospital or any other test site.

Employees receive up to two hours paid leave for each vaccination dose. Are employees entitled to time off for COVID-19 testing?

Employees are entitled to 45 minutes/week time off for testing at a CUNY test site that is not based at their work campus.

Employees are entitled to 30 minutes time off for testing at a CUNY test site that is based on the campus where they work.

Employees are expected to work with their supervisors to develop a leave schedule for testing.

Am I required to tell my manager or colleagues if I am vaccinated or show my vaccination card to them?

Employees should not be asked their vaccination status and they are not required to disclose their status to  supervisors, managers or coworkers. They also do not have to show the CDC vaccination card to supervisors, managers or coworkers. If an employee voluntarily uploads their CDC vaccination card and other documents to the CUNYfirst Vaccination Verification site to opt out of mandatory testing, the CDC card will be reviewed and verified by authorized HR staff.

Is my vaccination information being shared?

Your vaccination status will be reviewed by HR staff authorized to see the information and the information is shared with CUNY’s testing vendor who is subject to CUNY’s contractual privacy and security requirements.

A flag indicating Approval to enter the campus is provided to Lehman’s IT department, Public Safety and to Everbridge for the VAX Pass but no personal information about the employee is sent to IT, Public Safety or Everbridge.

Is there a testing program for students?

CUNY students attending in-person and hybrid classes for the Fall 2021 semester are required to be vaccinated unless they have been granted a medical exemption or an exception. Students can visit the campus for other reasons for example, to access services and resources, without being fully vaccinated, but they must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered no more than 7 days prior to the campus visit and that test must be taken at a CUNY COVID-19 test site. The Vice President for Student Affairs is communicating the University protocols to students.

Where can I find information about a vaccination site?

A list of NYS and NYC run vaccination sites is available from CUNY’s website  By selecting NYS Vaccine Sites or NYC Vaccine Sites you can locate a vaccination site, determine if the site requires an appointment or accepts walk-ins, and check for the type vaccine(s) offered at each site. All vaccination sites require an ID that verifies your age and New York State residency.  


Are we still be required to use Everbridge for symptoms screening in order to enter a CUNY facility?

No, the symptom tracker feature of Everbridge will no longer be in use after we return to the workplace on August 16. We will transition to a new feature in Everbridge that will display a CUNY VAX Pass for those who have provided verifiable vaccine information in the Vaccination Verification site of CUNYfirst; however, if you've already submitted proof of your vaccination into CUNYfirst, you may access campus with your ID card. 

Uploading Proof of Vaccination to CUNYfirst

Can I use the CUNYfirst Vaccination Verification function?

Employees can upload proof of vaccination only if they are fully vaccinated. According to the Centers for Disease Control people are considered fully vaccinated:

▪Two weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

▪Two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine or,

▪ At the time specified in either the FDA licensure or World Health Organization (WHO) approval, after the final administration of any other vaccines.

How do I upload or submit my vaccination documentation?

Employees can upload their vaccination verification by logging into CUNYfirst and clicking on the Vaccination Verification link within the CUNYfirst menu. These instructions will get you to the right site: To access CUNYfirst from Lehman’s home page, click on Login at the top of the homepage, at the next page scroll down to CUNY Logins and click on CUNYfirst. This will take you to the CUNY Login page where you will Login using your CUNYfirst username (ex. and password. From the CUNYfirst Menu scroll down to click on Vaccination Verification. The system will guide you through the uploading and verification steps.

Where can I get more information?

The Faculty and Staff Guide to Vaccination Verification is available from this link:

For more information about CUNY’s COVID-19 testing program, please see the Testing FAQ. For a list of testing locations, visit here. For general frequently asked questions, please refer to the Getting Back to Working in Person FAQ. If you still have questions, please contact Lehman’s Office of Human Resources at (718) 960-8181 or write to


Microsoft Office 365 for Education
This a robust collaboration suite that is available to all faculty and staff. Teams is especially useful as a shared workspace for video conferencing and team collaboration.

This is a cloudbased file-sharing app. Faculty and staff have unlimited storage. Use your CUNYfirst credentials to login.

This platform enables online meetings, with video and audio conferencing. You can make calls, share your screen, present information, and annotate shared documents or whiteboards. Use your CUNYfirst credentials to login.

Looking to update your voicemail greeting from home? Forgot your PIN? Troubleshoot these and other voicemail issues.

Note on Using Zoom

Recently, several Lehman Zoom meetings were hacked by external parties. Due to recent security and privacy concerns, CUNY no longer recommends the use of Zoom. Lehman will seek to reduce Zoom as the semester ends. Although the app has now been updated with stronger security features, please consider using alternative platforms such as MS Teams or WebEx as videoconferencing platforms.

In addition, we recommend that you institute the following measures to create a secure videoconferencing environment for online meetings:

  • Do not make meetings public. Instead, require a meeting password or use the waiting room/lobby feature.
  • Provide the meeting link directly to specific participants.
  • Set screen-sharing defaults to “Host Only.”
  • Request that participants use updated versions of meeting apps.

We advise everyone who learns of abuses occurring on videoconferencing platforms being used for remote work/learning to share those with

Malicious Email

Please remain vigilant when reviewing email and do not click on links or attachments from unknown sources. Expect new exploits using COVID-19-related themes. These may appear to come from a trustworthy source. In several examples, phishing emails contain links to a fake email login page. Others appear to come from the human resources department or an administrator requesting that faculty or staff members open an infected attachment. As such, please make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date. Examples of current phishing email subject lines include:

  • 2020 Coronavirus Updates
  • Coronavirus Updates
  • 2019-nCov: New confirmed cases
  • 2019-nCov: Coronavirus outbreak (Emergency)

While most phishing attempts are sent via email, we are now seeing an increase in SMS text phishing messages, as well. Please contact the IT division should you need assistance at or

Help Desk Assistance

For assistance, contact the IT help desk by email at, Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Hours subject to change). For urgent matters, contact the help desk by phone at 718-960-1111. Press ‘1,’ and a representative will assist you during the above hours. If hold times are long, revert to email or contact Ronald Bergmann or Edi Ruiz.

Phishing Attacks

The current climate has emboldened phone and email scammers. The Lehman community has already been subject to several phishing attempts through spoofed IT email addresses. Please expect more of these attacks as scammers seek to exploit the college during this period. Only the technology-related emails sent from known IT staff members or from the ITR-Announce listserv should be deemed as legitimate. Please inspect all the fields of an incoming message before clicking on a link or downloading an attachment.

Protect yourself using these tips:

  • Do not open attachments or click links within emails from senders you don't recognize.
  • Do not provide your username, password, date of birth, social security number, financial data, or other personal information in response to any email.
  • Verify the web address of legitimate websites and manually type them into your browser.
  • Check for misspellings or wrong domains within an email and within links
  • Make sure that your virus/malware protection software is up-to-date.


EAP Assistance
We understand that employees may be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety during this time. CUNY's Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is available to work with you toward addressing this. CUNY's EAP may be reached at 1-888-993-7650 or

Should you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Lehman College Human Resources at or 718-960-8181.


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