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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Devrim Yavuz

I started to work at Lehman College in 2010, where I have had the pleasure to teach the sociology department’s required advanced research methods and classical theory courses. These gave me the opportunity to meet the wonderful range of students that have chosen Sociology as their majors and the types of topics that they feel passionate about. Being able to observe most of our students’ progression has allowed me to further work as Assessment Coordinator for our program and Assessment Fellow for the College, where I have been able to engage broader conversations about the success of the Lehman College community.

I also teach courses that are in my more substantive areas of interest, such as Political Sociology and Global Interdependencies, which deal with questions such as the role of the state in our lives, the impact of capitalism on our societies, the factors leading to the rise of democracy and the social origins of ideologies such as nationalism.

My research focus has been on similar topics and deals with the role that the economic elite play in various regime outcomes such as democracy or authoritarianism around the world. More recently, I have started to think about the role that private philanthropy plays for the ideological legitimacy of capitalists at different stages of a country’s economic development. My teaching and research remain inspired by classic historical sociology, which includes authors such as Barrington Moore, Michael Mann, and Max Weber.

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