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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Madeline Moran

Madeline Moran Prior to coming to Lehman, I taught briefly at New York University, Fordham University and Hunter College. I joined the Lehman faculty as an instructor when the college became independent.  Since then, I have worked my way up the ranks to professor. I have taught and held several positions in the department, including chair and advisor to the honor society - Alpha Kappa Delta. At the College level, I was coordinator of Women’s studies and Co-Director of Graduate Studies.

I am presently advisor to AKD, but having completed my term in the other department and college office, I am free to concentrate on my teaching and research. Having taught research methods and criminology for many years, I have now moved on to offer the introductory course (SOC 166) and two electives:  Juvenile Justice and U.S. Adoption Policy.

In terms of research, my main interests are in minorities and criminology, which led me to several quite varied studies including one involving fictional female detectives.  Currently I am working on the 7th in a set of articles about international adoption, which focuses on rehoming and returning to one’s country of birth.  The most recently published articles in the set deal with adoption of children from the United States and a historical piece on social movements within the context of forced child migration in the United States and the British Empire.  The articles raise issues about social justice for the children and their birth parents.

My office is Carman B60 and the best way to reach me is by e-mail:

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