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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Dana Fenton

I first came to Lehman College many years ago to teach Research Methods on Saturday Mornings in the Spring Semester while I was in graduate school and while I was pastoring a church in Queens and teaching part-time at other colleges.  In time Lehman became my  primary adjunct venue and eventually  I was appointed to a full-time position here.
I have served on the Middle States Committee, the COACHE Committee, and continue to serve on the PSC CUNY Welfare Advisory Committee.  I have taught many different courses in Sociology and now usually teach the two required courses, Soc 300: Sociological Analysis, and Soc 302:  Sociological Theory.  In the Summer I teach Soc: 332 Religion and Society.
My particular research interest is Conservative Protestant groups in the United States and their relationship to conservative parachurch and political organizations.  In addition, I had started a summer research project with students on Islam in the Bronx, which I hope to continue in a post CO-VID lockdown future.

My office is Carman Hall B63. The best way to reach me is

  • CV (PDF)