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Faculty Maurice Vann

Maurice VannDr. Maurice T. Vann Sr. is an educator whose primary focus is developing, implementing, and evaluating programs designed to assist returning citizens with reintegrating into the community. His work focuses on the social workers role in ensuring community and public safety. His most recent research uses Computational Social Sciences to track the pathways to youth violence for youth in Baltimore. He has worked in several corrections facilities and jails in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. In addition, he has worked in the five District and Circuit Courts in Baltimore City.

Dr. Vann’s dissertation is entitled, The Freddie Gray Uprising: Persistence and Desistance Narratives of Community-Engaged Returning Citizens. In this study, he investigates the experiences of formerly incarcerated returning citizens who became assets to the community, acting as interlocutors between the rioters and the community at large during the Baltimore Unrest of 2015. He has co-authored work concerning prison privatization in the United States, entitled; The Political Economy of Prison Privatizations,” Prison Privatization: The Many Facets of a Controversial Industry. He has designed and implemented programs intended to assist youth with the trauma of having an incarcerated parent. Dr. Vann also trained at the Center for the Children of Incarcerated Parents formerly located in Eagle Rock, CA.