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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Schedule and Syllabi

Physical Geography Fall 2022
GEP 199: Cartography and Graphic Presentation  
GEP 204/504: Basic Mapping: Applications and Analysis  
GEP 205/505: Principles of Geographic Information Science Winner
GEP 210: Introduction to Environmental Science  
GEP 226: Physical Geography  
GEP 227: Interpretation of Aerial Photography  
GEP 228: Weather and Climate  
GEP 229: Weather and Climate Lab  
GEP 230: Urban Environmental Management  
GEP 299: Cartography and Graphic Presentation  
GEP (BIO) 302: Biogeography  
GEP 310/GEP 610: Geography of Urban Health  
GEP 321/621: Introduction to Remote Sensing  
GEP 350/605: Special Projects in Geographic Information Systems  
GEP 360/660: Geovisualization and Analytical Cartography  
GEP 3750/675: Data Acquisition  
GEP 470: Seminar and Internship Program in Geography  
GEP 620: Population Geography Winner
GEP 330/630: Introduction to Quantitative Methods of Geography  
GEP 632 Environmental Health and GISc  
GEP 635: Natural Hazards and Risk Analysis with GIS  
GEP 640: Urban Geography  
GEP 645: Environmental Hydrology Gorokhovich
GEP 662: Introduction to GISc Programming  
GEP 664: Spatial Database Management  
GEP 670 Seminar and Internship Program in Geographic Information Science  
GEP 380/680 Emerging Issues in GISc  
GEP 689: Methods Seminar in GISc  
GEP 690: Honors in Geography, Workshop in GISc Research  
GEP 691: Independent Study in Geography/GISc


GEP 3060/GEP 606: Raster Analysis and Applications  

Human Geography Fall 2022
GEH 101/501: An Introduction to Geography



GEH 102: World Regional Geography  
GEH 111: Geography of Business and Marketing  
GEH 230: Human Geography  
GEH 232: Medical Geography  
GEH 235/613: Conservation of the Environment  
GEH 240: Urban Geography  
GEH 242: Economic Geography  
GEH 245: Introduction to Quantitative Methods of Geography  
GEH 266: Geography of Development  
GEH 267: The New York Metropolitan Region  
GEH 270: Field Geography  
GEH 275: Field Geography of New York City and Vicinity  
GEH 281: Geography of the United States and Canada  
GEH 283: Geography of Western Europe  
GEH 285: Asia  
GEH 287: Africa  
GEH 289: Latin America (LAC 289)  
GEH 291: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics  
GEH 293: Geography of New York State  
GEH 295: Middle East  
GEH 315: Historical Geography  
GEH 320: Population Geography Winner
GEH 325: Political Geography  
GEH 330: The History of Geographic Thought  
GEH 335: Problems in Human Ecology  
GEH 340: Advanced Urban Geography  
GEH 490: Honors in Geography  

Earth Sciences Geography Fall 2022
GEO 100: Marine Science  
GEO 101: Dynamic Earth


GEO 102: Dynamic Earth Lab


GEO 166: Processes of Global Change  
GEO 167: Earth Evolution  
GEO 168: Earth Evolution Lab  
GEO 228: Weather and Climate  
GEO 229: Weather and Climate Lab  
GEO 231: Principles of Geomorphology  
GEO 236: Environmental Geology  
GEO 242: Introductory Paleontology  
GEO 244: Mineralogy  
GEO 245: Earth Materials  
GEO 301: Earth Science for Educators  
GEO 303: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology  
GEO (BIO) 332: Advanced Oceanography  
GEO 333: Petrology  
GEO 340 Natural Hazards and Disasters: A Multidisciplinary Approach  
GEO 341: Natural Hazards and Disasters Laboratory  
GEO 342: Micropaleontology  
GEO 344: Optical Mineralogy  
GEO 345: Environmental Hydrology Gorokhovich
GEO 348: Structural Geology  
GEO 375: Field Problems in Geology  
GEO 401: X-ray Crystallography  
GEO 410: Environmental Biogeochemistry  
GEO 426: Advanced Sedimentology  
GEO 440: Environmental Impact Assessment  
GEO 448: Plate Tectonics  
GEO 450: Seminar  
GEO (BIO) 470: Summer Oceanographic Research Cruise  
GEO 490: Honors in Geology  
GEO 501: Dynamic Earth Gorokhovich
GEO 502: Earth History  
GEO 509: Dynamic Earth Lab  
GEO 510: Earth Evolution Lab  
GEO 601 Earth System Science (Educators)  
GEO 603: Global Plate Dynamics  
GEO 645: Earth Materials  
GEO 4500: Topics in Earth Science  

Environmental Science Fall 2022
ENV 210: Introduction to Environmental Science


ENV 211: Introduction to Environmental Science Lab  
ENV 270: Environmental Pollution  
ENV 330: Environmental Impact Assessment  
ENV 420: Natural Resource Management Pant