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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

What can you do with a major in Geography?

Prepare To Be a Teacher

The B.A. in Geography is applicable educational background for teaching Global Studies, Earth Science, Social Studies, etc, in secondary or intermediate schools.

Find Jobs in Related Fields

Many career opportunities exist for people with a degree in Geography, including jobs in marketing, advertising, banking, public administration, urban and regional planning, environmental management, transportation planning, tourism, navigation, political economy, government, etc., as well as in the traditional geographic careers of cartography, demography, climatology, and natural resources.

Become a GISc Specialist

Secure a career in the growing technology field of Geographic Information Science as a GISc analyst or developer.

Continue to Graduate School

Lehman College offers a Masters Degree in GISc, and many schools offer Masters Degrees in Geography, such as Hunter College/CUNY; Rutgers University, New Jersey; the State University of New York at Buffalo, among others. In addition, a B.A. in Geography is excellent preparation for admission into a Graduate Program in Science Education.