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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Juliana Maantay




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  • Daily Mail (UK), November 25, 2012 “Could these barriers protect New York from going underwater? Barrier designs may shield from rising waters - as new data shows flooding could cover Manhattan within 300 years”
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  • The Bronx Journal, March 21, 2007 "The Bronx: In Search of a Breath of Fresh Air"
  • Daily News, February 3, 2003 “Students Connecting the Dots on Asthma” 
  • Caribbean News, January 22, 2003 “Lehman Students Win First Place Award”
  • CUNY TV’s “Study with the Best” Television program - Lehman GISc Students and Prof. Maantay appeared in a segment of “Study with the Best,” on CUNY TV focusing on the asthma project.  This show was broadcast several times in October and November 2003. 
  • Bronx Beat, May 4, 2003, “Showcasing the Borough’s Underbelly”
  • Baltimore City Paper, May 14, 2003, “Halfway There: Hollins Market Residents Say Influx of Drug-treatment Centers and Group Houses is Hurting the Neighborhood” 
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  • NY 1 News/Time Warner Cable TV -  Interview “Researchers Find Proof Of Causal Link Between Asthma, Pollution In The Bronx,” broadcast on February 7, 2007. NY1 “Health Beat”
  • New York Daily News, February 13, 2007  “Most Nabes are Toxic: Researcher Warns of Boro ‘Health Crisis’”
  • Riverdale Press, February 15, 2007 - “Researcher Links Asthma, Pollution”
  • Bronx Beat, May 7, 2007 “Pollution Hot Spots Mapped in Survey”
  • Daily News, March 27, 2007 “Health Risk Zones Tied to Traffic”
  • CUNY Matters, Spring 2007 “Lehman Finds Asthma and Dirty Air Links in NYC”
  • Talk Bronx, May 18, 2008 “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Bronx is Choking!”
  • Inside Lehman, December 5, 2008 segment interviewing me and students working on the asthma and air pollution research
  • New York Daily News, January 6, 2009 "City to monitor air quality for 1st time"

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