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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Natalia Brzezinska

Natalia BrzezinskaCurrent location

  • London, UK

Date of Graduation from Lehman

  • Fall 2007

Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate

  • B.A. (Hons) Geography, GIS Advanced Certificate

Subsequent degrees earned or in progress

MSc GIS – Birkbeck College, University City London – September 2012

Title of thesis/dissertation/or capstone project

"Exploring correlations between the marine water quality and changes in coral cover and the presence of coral diseases. A case study of scleractinians within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary"

Position(s) held since graduating

  • Digitizing Technician at Tele Atlas UK, London, UK
  • GIS Technician, GIS Analyst & Maps Production Supervisor and Subsea Analyst at Clarkson Research Ltd, London, UK (current)

Type of work you do there

digitizing features from paper and digital, non-geo-referenced sources, spatial data compilation, participated in creation and maintaining company’s spatial database, GIS analysis, offshore oil & gas sector analysis using GIS (subsea structures), design and production of all map products, GIS data modelling and analysis.

Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud

  • Graduating with MSc in GIS from Birkbeck College (awarded a Distinction)
  • Becoming a home owner

Geography or GISc activities/accomplishments/awards/internships/publications

  • GIS summer intern/surveyor for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (2004)
  • Golden Key International Honour Society, Summa Cum Laude distinction, Lehman College Dean's List Award, Lehman Scholars Program
  • Currently preparing my Master’s dissertation for publishing in a science journal.

Overall assessment of how Lehman’s EEGS Program prepared you for your current life

Since I’ve always wanted to study geography or Earth science related discipline, the choice of Lehman’s EEGS department was an obvious one. Thanks to the advanced GIS Certificate I have obtained from Lehman I was able to get my dream job and impress my employer with the depth of knowledge I had as a (then) recent graduate. I have progressed in that position since then and continue to enjoy GIS.

What else have you been up to?

I’m a keen figure skater who has followed her life-long dream across the ocean and in the process ended up at Lehman to study my favourite subject, which became my dream career. You can’t get more lucky than that! In 2008 life threw me back to Europe and London became my home where the pursuit of my dreams, both on and off the ice, continues.