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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Matthew Croswell

Matthew CroswellCurrent location

  • New York, NY (Alphabet City)

Date of Graduation from Lehman

  • May 2007

Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate

  • GIS Certificate (graduate, Advanced Certificate)

Subsequent degrees earned or in progress

  • Dual BS in Urban Planning and Geography, SUNY Albany, 2005

Title of thesis/dissertation/or capstone project

  • “Optimal Site Location for a new High School in Kingston, NY”

Types of Positions held since graduating

  • City Planner / GIS Analyst / Open Data Coordinator
  • NYC Department of City Planning (2006-present). 

Type of work you do there

  • GIS data creation, editing
  • Map production and geographic analysis
  • Contributed data analysis for PlaNYC, Vision 20/20: NYC Waterfront Comprehensive Plan, Sunset Park 197-a Plan, NYC Waterfront access interactive map
  • Publicly Accessible Waterfront Spaces (PAWS) database
  • Currently involved in tracking performance metrics for DCP's pre-cert application pipeline. 

Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud

Working with NYC OEM the week after Hurricane Sandy on GIS data creation and analysis and map production to assist in emergency response and recovery efforts. 

Geography or GISc activities/accomplishments/awards/internships/publications

Maps published as a freelancer in a book: The Bronx River (NY): An Environmental & Social History

Overall assessment of how Lehman’s EEGS Program prepared you for your current life

Prepared me with a well rounded and comprehensive understanding of GIS, including technical skills and analysis, multiple disciplines (environmental, social, demographic, planning, criminal, etc) and issues/topics. 

Also, I directly received my internship at DCP, which lead to my current position and career, via Lehman and Dr. Maantay.