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1. How much does a Taskstream subscription cost?

Below are the Higher Education student account subscription rates as of 8/1/2018.

1-year account  $50.00
7-year account    $139.00

2. I am having trouble using the Taskstream system.  Who can I contact?

Taskstream has a help line (1-800-311-5656) available for all subscribers as well as an email address ( where you can get all of your technical questions answered.  You may also find many helpful hints in their Help menu, located on the top right of your Taskstream screen.

If you have questions about the content of your assignments, you should contact your faculty member or supervisor.

3. I had a Taskstream account for another course and need to subscribe again.  What should I do?

It is best to re-subscribe under the same username as before. This way, you can access all your previous work.  If you don’t remember your username and password, use the Taskstream ‘Forgot Login?’ link on the homepage so that you do not create a completely new account or call the Taskstream helpline: (1-800-311-5656). 

4. If I choose not to renew my subscription, what happens to my work?

Taskstream guarantees access to an archive of your work for 6 months after the date of expiration. This means you can access your work, but not update or change it. During that time you will also have access to a feature called, "Pack It Up." This feature allows you to download a copy of all your work to your computer. We recommend that you "Pack and Go" all your work before your subscription expires. In our experience to date, as soon as you renew your account, you would have access to all prior work.

5. After my subscription expires, how much time do I have to renew without losing my current work?

You can renew at anytime independently and retain access to all of your previously completed work. You can continue to edit it as long as the account remains active. Again, Taskstream's guarantee with this is if you renew up to 6 months after your account expires you will still have access to all their work. Thus, download a copy of all your work and portfolios. However, our experience is that you can regain access to your full account and all work even after 6 months.



For faculty and instructors: Can a DRF template be edited by more than one faculty member?

DRF templates can only be housed and edited by a single account.