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Student Teacher Handbook & Information

Student Teaching is considered the culmination of a candidate’s preparation to become a teacher. In an accredited public or private school, under the supervision of an experienced, well-qualified, certified teacher, the candidate will have the opportunity to turn theory into practice. With the assistance of the Cooperating Teacher and the College Supervisor, the Student Teacher will have the opportunity to design and teach lessons, assess student learning, manage a classroom, and assume all the responsibilities of a full-time, experienced teacher.

Student Teacher Handbook, Information & Forms


Student Teacher Handbook v2


Student Teacher Handbook Appendices


Student Teaching Evaluation Form


This evaluation form, based on the Performance indicators aligned with the Danielson Framework for Teaching, is completed several times over the course of the semester:
1. Student self-evaluation (form in Taskstream ST/INT DRF);
2. College Supervisor (form in Taskstream ST/INT DRF after both mid-term and final lesson plans);

Cooperating Teacher Feedback Form (Fillable version for Cooperating Teacher

This evaluation form is to completed twice by Cooperating Teacher and returned to the Student Teacher who will upload to Taskstream for College Supervisor to evaluate.

Video Taping Parent/Guardian Consent Forms for Field Supervision

Please work with your Cooperating Teacher to get permission from PK-12 students if you plan to use an online tool (i.e. Swivl) or in any way plan to record your teaching practice for College Supervisor's remote observations. Parent/Guardian must sign the form before you can video record.

For media consent forms in multiple languages:


Teaching Videotaping Consent Forms for Faculty Observations

Lehman User Guides to complete forms with phone:

Student Teaching Attendance/Timesheets (Must be uploaded to Taskstream)

PDF Versions (Can be used online as a fillable PDF or can be downloaded, printed, scanned and uploaded. Must include Cooperating Teacher's signature).

Bilingual and Dual Extension Timesheets:

Open Lab Hours & Workshops

Full Technology Support Calendars with all workshop dates and office hours

Swivl Workshop (video observation tool)

  • September 13 – 30 EVERY Monday - Thursday at 4:30pm
  • October 4-7 at 4:30pm

G-Suite/Google Classroom/MS Teams/EdTech Tools Office Hours - TBD (Coming Soon)

User Guides
edTPA or ATS-W in lieu of edTPA for Fall 2020 - Spring 2022 candidates

For candidates enrolled in Fall 2020 - Spring 2022 Lehman College approved Student Teaching Courses, the ATS-W exam is accepted in lieu of edTPA