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Lehman College

Field Experience Forms and Information

NYSED Fieldwork Guidelines:

Alternative Model Assignments Fieldwork Timesheets (fillable PDF)

Due to the COVID-19 Impact on clinical practices: NYSED prepared the following GUIDANCE FOR NEW YORK STATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ON REOPENING FOR THE 2020-21 ACADEMIC YEAR: "...Candidates enrolled in registered programs leading to their first teaching or pupil personnel services certificate... who are completing their field experience hours for their program leading to their first certificate may do so entirely through alternative methods, such as simulations, video case studies and other academic exercises." This currently applies to Lehman College fieldwork observation and methods courses through Spring 2021. [NOTE: This guidance is only for 100-Fieldwork Hours in courses prior to Student Teaching or Internship.]

Candidates must maintain attendance sheets of Alternative Model Assignments in order to successfully complete required fieldwork hours. Hours completed should cover "experiences," across your certification area as identified below. Please download the timesheet above (use more than one sheet if necessary) and track all fieldwork observation and methods course hours. Follow the guidance of your Lehman College faculty instructor for assignments designed to complete required hours. Faculty instructor will need to authorize/sign that your hours have been completed.

All School of Education Degree students, must take coursework that leads to a readiness for Student Teaching/Internship semester. Level 1 Fieldwork courses includes classroom observation hours and Level 2 courses includes small group work/tutoring opportunities. Most programs must include:
• at least 100 clock hours of field experiences related to coursework prior to student teaching or practica; and
• at least 15 of the 100 clock hours of field experience shall include a focus on understanding the needs of students with disabilities.

Certification Age/Grade Range Required Age Groups/Grades for Field Experiences should offer field experiences across the age/grade range of your program's proposed certification area. For example, you should have experiences in:

Certification Age/Grade Range Required Age Groups/Grades for Field Experiences
Birth-Grade 2 Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, AND 1 through 2
Grades 1 through 6 Grades 1 through 3 AND Grades 4 through 6
Grades 5 through 9 Grades 5 through 6 AND 7 through 9
Grades 7 through 12 Grades 7 through 9 AND 10 through 12
Kindergarten through Grade 12 Kindergarten through Grade 6 AND Grades 7 through 12


ECCE Fieldwork Courses & Guidelines

  • ECCE Guidelines to come 

MHSE Undergraduate Fieldwork Courses & Guidelines

Graduate Fieldwork Hours

  • ESC 501 = 20 hours; ESC 502 = 20 hours, ESC 529 = 10 hours
    First Methods Course Taken = 25 hours
    Second Methods Course Taken = 25 hours
    Total = 100 hours

Handbook, and Tutoring Manual

Time Sheets

Field Experience Timesheets:

Methods Courses Timesheets