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Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teacher Handbook & Forms
Cooperating Teacher Handbook v2

~ Become a Cooperating Teacher (online form)

~ Cooperating Teacher Feedback Form - Fillable midterm and end of placement student teacher evaluation

~ Tips & Roles for Co-teaching in Distance Learning
Co-teaching in Distance Learning
Co-teaching tips During Distance Learning
~ Cooperating Teacher Tuition Waiver Application (Fillable form or p. 22)

Research indicates that the single most important individual in the student teaching process is the Cooperating Teacher who provides the support, mentorship, professional expertise, classroom stability and setting necessary for a successful student teaching experience. Much of this success depends upon the development of a nurturing and productive relationship between the Cooperating Teacher and the student teacher. By serving in this capacity, the Cooperating Teacher is also sharing the professional responsibility of preparing the next generation of teachers for schools, particularly in urban settings.

As a partner with the Lehman College School of Education, Cooperating Teachers will be required to evaluate the student teacher twice in the student teaching experience. In addition, a Lehman College supervisor will consult with the Cooperating Teacher and observe the student teacher during each placement. Further information, including Lehman College’s School of Education philosophy, policies, and procedures concerning student teaching and supervision of student teachers is included in our handbook. It also provides expected candidate outcomes, overview of mentoring, modeling and the importance of evaluation during the student teaching experience.

Become a Cooperating Teacher

Lehman College's School of Education places student teachers in early childhood, elementary, middle and high school, and special education schools/classrooms each semester. Student teachers work at each placement full-time for a total of 14 weeks per semester. Some content areas require two different grade experiences, so candidates split classroom time into a 10-weeks and 4-weeks.
Cooperating Teachers may remember their own student teaching experience as one of the greatest influences – for good or bad! – on their practice as a teacher. Lehman is searching for extraordinary teachers to serve as role models and mentors for our student teachers through this critical period. 
We are looking for individuals who have completed three (3) years of successful teaching and are:
1. Willing to commit time and energy to host a student teacher, including sharing some instructional time with the student teacher;

2. Excellent instructors who have shown success in the following areas, resulting in satisfactory growth in their students’ performance:
     • planning
     • assessment
     • classroom management
     • implementation of instruction
3. Strong mentors with skills and experience in the following areas of communication/human relations:
     • observing
     • providing feedback
     • holding professional conversations
     • working in a collaborative environment
4. NYS certified in the discipline you are teaching.

5. Willing to complete two observation evaluations (aligned with components from the Danielson Framework).

If you would like to be considered for a cooperating teacher position, fill out this quick and easy Cooperating Teacher form to express your interest. We will need to follow-up for approval from your Principal or Administrative Liaison. Please be aware that completion of the application does not guarantee you will receive a student teacher. Placement decisions are based on the number of student teachers available each semester and their individual needs. If you would like more information before completing the application, please email Leslie Lieman, Director, Clinical Practice & Partnerships:

Policy on the Cooperating Teacher Tuition Waiver

A perk of working with a student teacher includes a 3-credit CUNY waiver for every 10 weeks of supervision. In order to consistently and fairly recognize cooperating teachers’ supervision of student teachers, a minimum of 10 weeks (full-time) or a total of 360 hours of supervision of Lehman College student teachers or students in practicum is required for a cooperating teacher to earn a 3-credit tuition waiver. A 1-credit waiver may be issued to a cooperating teacher who works with one student teacher over the course of one 4-week (full-time) placement. The tuition waiver must be used within three semesters from the date the waiver is issued. To be eligible Cooperating Teachers must have submitted the required student evaluation forms (on file at Lehman) and a resume.