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From the Department Chair, Dr. Wesley Pitts

Welcome to the Department of Middle and High School Education (MHSE). In keeping with our educational framework, the Lehman Urban Transformative Education (LUTE), we prepare students for initial New York State certification to teach academic and special subjects in middle and high schools, grades 5-12.

Undergraduate Teacher Education Program sequences have been designed for students wanting certification in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Health, and Music. Students are required to complete a major in the academic area in which they expect to teach. Consistent with all New York State (NYS) Certification requirements, undergraduate students will need to complete the appropriate liberal arts core requirements.

Graduate Teacher Education Program sequences lead to Master’s degrees and to both NYS Initial and Professional certifications in English Education (Grades 7-12), Mathematics Education (Grades 5-9 and 7-12), Science Education (Grades 7-12), Social Studies Education (Grades 7-12), and TESOL Education (PreK-Grade 12).

The Department of MHSE also offers Advanced Certificates in all of the academic subject areas. A Bilingual Extension in PreK-Grade 12 for teachers who are already NYS certified in an academic subject area is also available.

Finally, MHSE faculty have partnered with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) faculty to secure $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to steer the preparation of mathematics and science undergraduate students. Led by Professors Gningue (PI; Math Education), Jones (Co-PI; Biology),Bayne (Co-PI; Science Education), Jitianu (Co-PI; Chemistry) and Dellicarpini* (Co-PI; TESOL), the Noyce-STEMELL Program will prepare 24 highly-qualified mathematics and science teachers for high-need middle and high schools by providing extensive support at both undergraduate and graduate levels with a special focus on teaching to English language learners (ELLs) in mainstream mathematics and science classrooms. Beginning in Fall 2014, Noyce-STEMELL will offer to eligible juniors: Three years of free tuition; internship in Bronx Middle and High Schools; up to $10,000 stipend; certification to teach mathematics or science in public schools; and mentoring during the first full year of teaching (Freshmen and Sophomores mathematics and science students are encouraged to contact Professor Gningue to start the application process).

The Noyce-STEMELL Program is part of a larger initiative undertaken by the Department of Middle and High School Education as a response to the local and national contexts of need and urgency to recruit, retain and prepare highly qualified teachers. In this effort, we are working closely with the New York City Department of Education to develop small, middle and high schools in the Bronx. It is this relationship and the ongoing collaboration with these new small schools that offers a unique teacher development opportunity at Lehman College for students in our department.