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Emergency COVID Certificate

To learn about the Emergency COVID Certificate it is important to read all details in the links below:

The Emergency COVID certificate was created by the state for a limited time to offer applicants affected by the COVID pandemic, a temporary certification to be able to teach in a classroom while completing any remaining exams for their initial certificate.

Again, it is a temporary certificate available to those that have completed ALL OTHER requirements for their initial certificate EXCEPT the required exams. The initial certificate is usually what the state refers to as your "non-emergency certificate" for those seeking their first initial.

However, part of the requirements not written on the state's website are the requirements for students enrolled in a EPP or teacher preparation program, that must be completed for their initial certificate. The majority of students enrolled in a teacher program are working towards obtaining their first initial certificate from the state after they graduate from their program.

Requirements for the initial certificate that must be completed are:

  • student teaching
  • approved for official graduation by the Registrar Dept.
  • undergraduate courses for the General Core in Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • all required mandated workshops
  • a college recommendation submission into their TEACH Online account - (after the above 4 requirements are verified for completion)
  • filed a paid application for their initial certificate
  • fingerprint clearance on TEACH Online Svcs account

All the above requirements must be completed for the initial certificate for those in a teacher program BEFORE they will qualify for the Emergency COVID Certificate. The only requirement that does not have to completed are the certification exams.

Understand students that complete the above requirements can receive a college recommendation submission from the Lehman Teacher Certification Office only for the initial certificate in your area of study AFTER this office has verified the completion of these specific requirements listed above.

Once all the above requirements are completed (except the exams), the student/ applicant should then be eligible to apply not only for their initial certificate, but also apply for the Emergency COVID Certificate in their subject area.

Other than submitting a college recommendation for the initial certificate if a student qualifies, the college has no involvement with the Emergency COVID certificate. It is only reviewed and managed by the state. Contact the state for any questions about their Emergency COVID certificate at

The state will offer the Emergency COVID certificate until September 1, 2022. This is the last date to apply for this state certificate as a backup or temporary option to be certified while finishing your exam requirements for your non-emergency certificate. There is no fee to apply and again, no college can submit a recommendation for this certificate. Only the state is in full management of the Emergency COVID Certificate and understand they can take several weeks to review your application after you file. Again, email the state with any questions.