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Educating All Students (EAS)

Established by the New York State Education Department, Educating All Students (EAS) is an exam organized by 5 specific competency areas with a list of performance expectations for each. The test consists of selected-response items and constructed-response items. Each constructed-response item will share scenario-based stimulus material with several selected-response items.

The selected-response items count for 70% of the total test score and the constructed-response items count for 30% of the total test score. Each selected-response item counts the same toward the total test score. The percentage of the total test score derived from each of the constructed-response items.

The total testing time is 135 minutes. Candidates are free to set their own pace during the test administration. The following estimates were used to determine the total test time:

  • Each constructed-response item is designed with the expectation of a response up to 10 minutes.
  • The selected-response items are designed with the expectation of response time up to 105 minutes. For additional information, visit the NYSTCE website

School of Education Student Modules

All registered School of Education students have access to a BlackBoard Organization titled, "School of Education Student Modules." Visit your Bb account and view the resources availble to you.

  • The EAS Module offers you content knowledge, support and sample questions for all competency areas.
  • Each module might be embedded in your coursework and/or is available for your own study and preparation as a highly effective educator.
  • Lehman Alumni can access the modules in a CUNY-wide Bb organization using attached login directions (PDF).
  • The Texas Education Agency has designed a practice exam as prep for their state educator certification.  Although the format and platform are different, it is a computer-baed test that seems to share a lot of similar content with the EAS, and it is free! If you would like additional content review, you might want to check out the ETS practice exam on pedagogy and professional responsibilities.

Educating All Students (EAS) Study Guide: