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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Student Success Stories

Estephany Villavicencio, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Photo of Estephany VillavicencioEstephany Villavicencio was fascinated by medicine since she was a youngster. Although she worked in banking for several years, she was dissatisfied with the business world. With her long-standing passion prevailing, she attended a Lehman College Continuing Education seminar to explore how to become a medical assistant. Although the program is eligible for Workforce 1 voucher that covers the tuition, Estephany’s background in banking did not qualify her to receive this voucher. She worked two jobs and used all of her savings to pursue her quest for medical education. Read More

Vincent Navarro, EON Reality Certified Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Developer

Photo of Estephany VillavicencioAs a member of the first cohort of graduates from the Lehman College Virtual Reality Innovation Academy (VRIA), I became an EON Reality Certified VR/AR Developer in April 2018. This new and exciting 10-month, non-credit training program, is a partnership of Lehman and EON Reality, a world leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) knowledge transfer. Previously, I earned a BS in chemistry and a MS in computer science, both from Lehman. Read More

Euna Kim Ball - CCS, CCP

Photo of Euna Kim BallIt wasn’t easy for me to settle on the right “second act” after a long hiatus. Lehman’s Continuing Education program made all the difference. After 15 years, I left a banking career in 2002 to shepherd my children from middle school to college. At the same time, wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, I began focusing on community service, volunteering with meals on wheels and as an EMT with an ambulance corps. Read More