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Adult Personal Enrichment Online

Discover Yourself!

Enjoy your leisure time. Become Fit. Learn a new skill. Our personal enrichment courses offer the opportunity to develop new interests. Experienced and dedicated instructors are passionate about their classes; inspiring you is their goal.


Computer Basics

 In this digital age, being able to confidently use a computer is a requirement for most jobs. If you’re not confident in your computer skills or want to learn the latest version of Windows, then this course is for you. You will learn how to navigate a computer, the different type of software and their uses, how to manage your music and photo files, how to safely use the internet, and other online skills.

MAT 10 / 2 sessions / 6 hours / LEHC

Mac Basics

Whether you are new to a Mac or already use one, you will learn the essentials in order to operate it to the fullest. Topics include: the desktop; Mission Control; the Finder; updating software; system preferences; installing apps; PC vs. Mac and more.

PCW42 / Sessions: 4Days: W/OnlineRoom:

IPads, Tablets, and Smartphones

Thanks to mobile devices, we can now work and play on the go. But many of us only use a small portion of a device’s abilities. In this course, learn how to do more with your smartphones and tablets while learning how to protect your children, you, and your family from dangerous apps and games.

PCW 68 / 2 sessions / 5 hours / LEHC


Hands-On Introduction to Digital Photography

Classroom discussions, instructor-led photo shoots, and training in photo-editing software will get you up-and-running with digital photography. Learn to use the manual settings on your camera, and how to use aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance settings to create professional quality images. A digital single lens reflex or another digital camera with manual controls should be brought to the first class.

EDP 77 / 6 sessions / 18 hours / LEHC

Mobile Phone Photography

Chances are, you take most of your photos with your mobile phone. But are you really happy with them? In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your mobile photography skills and discover the best photo editing Apps to use. We’ll also discuss which accessories you can add to your phone to take better photos. Register and start the journey towards better mobile phone photography. You’ll need to bring a mobile phone and its charger to each session of this course.

EDP 79 / 6 sessions / 15 hours / LEHC

Turn Your Photography Hobby into a Business

Is photography your passion? Is it time to turn your hobby into a money maker? In this workshop, you will learn about the business side of running a successful photography business. Topics include business structure, licenses, taxes, contracts, and insurance. You’ll also learn how to find your business niche, how to reach your target market, and what camera and computer equipment is necessary. Is a career in photography in your future? Come join us and find out.

PCW 69 / 1 session / 3 hours/ LEHC


American Sign Language I

An introduction to American Sign Language is provided in this course which includes grammatical principles, vocabulary building, finger spelling and practice in receptive and expressive skills.

ASL 10 7 sessions / 10.5 / LEHC

American Sign Language II

For students who have some basic knowledge of ASL or for those who wish to continue and improve skills learned in American Sign Language I, this class builds on grammatical principles, vocabulary, finger spelling and practice in receptive expressive skills.

ASL12 / 5 sessions/ 7.5 hours/LEHC

Practical Conversational Spanish I

The speaking and listening skills necessary for everyday contact with the Spanish- speaking community in New York City and abroad are taught. Students speak Spanish in class from the first day of the course. This course is for those with no knowledge of Spanish.

LSP 20 / 8 sessions / 12 hours / LEHC

Effective Business Communication: Writing & Oral Skills for Professionals

Are your communication skills holding you back in your job or business? In this course, you will develop skills in the preparation, organization, and presentation of oral and written communication. Major goals are to develop clear, correct, concise, and logical messages and to become aware of the human relations aspects of communicating. The ability to write and speak clearly and effectively will make you stand out among your peers.

CBS 28 / 8 sessions / 20 hours / LEHC


Swing and Sway with Ballroom Dancing

Get ready to dance like the stars! This class is for you if are new to ballroom dancing, need a refresher, or want to learn new steps. The instructor, with seven years professional teaching experience, will cover the elegant foxtrot, the passionate tango, the romantic rumba and the lively swing. Gain confidence on the dance floor while having a fun workout. No partner or dance experience necessary.

PES 20 5 sessions /6.25 hours /LEHC

Hot New York-Style Salsa

Dance the exciting “New York nightclub” style of salsa! Hit the floor, have a great time and look awesome. Learn a variety of cool salsa steps, leading, following, and smooth-partner combinations. All moves are repeated many times so that you’ll understand and remember them. Salsa timing is learned through live drumming as well as live playing of the clave, cow bell and guiro. Wear loose-fitting clothing and be prepared to sweat! Partners are not necessary. If you always wanted to learn salsa, now is your chance!

PES 17 / 5 sessions / 6.25 hours / LEHC

Yoga Flow for Mind and Body

Feel better, look better and think better! In this course for beginners, you will learn postures and stretches to increase flexibility and strength along with deep breathing practices to expand lung capacity and calm the mind. Meditation exercises will be practiced to increase your mental focus, concentration and promote relaxation. Loose fitting clothes are recommended; a yoga mat is required.

PES 70 / 6 sessions/7.5 hours/LEHC


Acting Workshop

In a supportive and fun environment under the guidance of an accomplished actor/comedian and drama teacher, participants learn improvisation, character development and voice techniques. Creativity, spontaneity and concentration are developed in this basic acting class. No previous experience is necessary.

PFA 40 / 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC


The Creative Kitchen: Delicious and Healthy Home Cooking -SPRING UPDATE!

Surprise family and friends with delicious and healthy main dishes, salads and desserts made from seasonal, fresh and local ingredients which you learn to prepare in Lehman’s state-of-the-art kitchen lab This semester, dishes taught in this hands-on course include: This semester dishes taught in this hands-on course include: Poached Chicken Breast and Vegetables with a Tarragon-Lemon/Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette and Rice Pilaf; Kabocha (Japanese Squash) Vegetable Soup; Spaghetti with Homemade Turkey Meat Sauce and Rainbow Carrots; and Berry Roulade Layered with Homemade Vanilla Whipped Cream. Helpful kitchen tips and tricks are integrated throughout the course. Be prepared for a taste sensation! You are asked to come to class in appropriate attire for cooking. A $25 materials fee (cash only) to be paid at the first class meeting.

CUL 07 / 4 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC


Guitar for Adults at All Levels

Master the guitar now with the “See it—Say It—Play it” technique developed by guitar instructor Teddy Crawford. Whether you are a true beginner or someone who has played before, you will make progress from the first session. Fun songs are introduced in interactive jam sessions giving students of all levels the opportunity to participate and learn in a stress-free setting. Different styles such as pop, R & B, folk, calypso, reggae, Latin American and jazz are introduced. A guitar is required for the first class; a nylon string acoustic guitar is recommended but not mandatory.

PFA 63 / 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC

Piano I for Adults

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Now you can in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. This course will emphasize note reading, rhythm and proper posture and hand technique at the keyboard. Upon completion, you will be able to play simple melodies.

PFA 50 / 6 sessions / 6 hours / LEHC

Piano II for Adults

Building upon the foundation of Piano I for Adults, you learn the particulars of proper piano techniques such as basic arrangements and improvisation among others. These are applied to the musical pieces you perform. Be ready to share, be part of an ensemble, and be inspired by your peers!

PFA 51 / 6 sessions/ 6 hours / LEHC

Coordinator Contact:

Phyllis Rafti
Phone: 718-960-8512

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