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Department of Biology

Lehman College Teaching and Research Greenhouses

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Lehman College GreenhouseThe Teaching Collection is comprised mostly of those plants that are of economic importance throughout the world such as Sugar Cane, Cocoa, Vanilla, Citrus, Rubber, Rice, Pineapple, and the like. The other focus of the teaching collection is to display plants that are interesting or unusual in shape, color, or habit.

Research InstituteThe Research Greenhouse is on the roof of Davis Hall and houses faculty and graduate students' research projects in the CUNY Plant Sciences PhD program. This program is the most comprehensive of its kind in the New York area. It is a long-standing joint program between CUNY and the New York Botanical Garden and consists of 30 doctoral faculty. Research areas include: biotechnology and metabolic engineering of plant biosynthetic pathways, natural product biochemistry, medicinal plants and economic botany, signal transduction in plants, plant-microbial interactions, invitro production of plant natural products, plant development, cell biology, ecology, biodiversity and systematics.