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Department of Computer Science at Lehman College

Financial support is available through the LSAMP and RISE programs for students interested in research and graduate studies. Click Here for additional information.

Message from the Chair, Professor Haiping Cheng

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences!

You have accessed the gateway towards a successful career in life sciences and beyond. We have designed our website to help you achieve your academic and career goals, so please take a moment to explore the site. Follow the links to Student Advising, Information for Students, Research, and Student Success to learn about opportunities that our department offers for education and reserch.

Our department provides opportunities for education and research that span the breadth of biological sciences for training at the undergraduate and master's, levels. While the mission of our department is to provide you with a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary education in biological sciences, our faculty and staff are prepared to help you meet your career goals. With a degree in biology or by combining biology with related degrees, you can seek jobs in government, industry, health care, agriculture, marketing, publishing, education, computer science, and research. With additional training you can also pursue careers in medicine and law.

Follow the shortcuts on the left panel to learn more about our program or talk to a Bio advisor about registration.