From the Program Director, Dr. Francisco A. Montaño

Linguistics is the scientific study of natural language and how language is acquired, understood, and used. The interdisciplinary program in linguistics offers a major in Linguistics leading to a B.A. The program will prepare students for graduate study in theoretical and applied linguistics and for careers in the teaching of linguistics and applied linguistics, including the teaching of English as a Second Language.

The minor in Linguistics may be of special interest to students in anthropology, computer science, English, world languages and literatures, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, speech communication, pre-law, and speech-language pathology. A minor in Linguistics may also be an excellent choice for students in educational programs.

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Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics

What do you learn when you study linguistics?

  • You learn what language means and how language is used in communication
  • You learn all of the different elements of language
  • You learn how children acquire language
  • You learn about the different properties that all of the world's languages share
  • You learn the ways that all of the world's languages differ
The Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics offers a 30-credit major and 12-credit minor, drawing courses from several affiliated departments and programs across the College.