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History Department at Lehman College

Learning Goals & Objectives: B.A. in History

Upon completion of a B.A. in History, students will be able to achieve the following:

Goal 1: Critical Thinking

Measurable objectives for this goal:
  • Students will describe historical events from multiple perspectives.
  • Students will formulate, sustain, and justify a historical argument using original ideas.
  • Students will support arguments with historical evidence drawn from primary and secondary sources.
  • Students will place historical arguments into a larger scholarly narrative.
  • Students will analyze a primary source of medium difficulty. “Analyze” means to describe its biases and situate it in a historical context.

Goal 2: Cite Sources Correctly

Measurable objectives for this goal:
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate source materials.
  • Students will incorporate ideas from sources
  • Students will avoid plagiarism and state in their own words why it is wrong.
  • Students will cite sources as appropriate in the format indicated on the History Department style sheet (available on our website).

Goal 3: Information Literacy in Historical Research

Measurable objectives for this goal:
  • Students will frame research questions.
  • Students will access appropriate primary and secondary sources.
  • Students will assess the reliability of sources and evaluate their content.
    Students will use sources to contextualize historical events and describe change over time
    Students will produce written evidence of research competence.

Goal 4: Professional Competence

Measurable objectives for this goal:
  • Students will apply their skills to diverse areas and time periods of study. At minimum, their programs will include courses from three separate areas: (1) the Ancient World and Europe; (2) Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America, or the Middle East; and (3) the United States.
  • Students will utilize the crucial vocabulary of political, social, intellectual, and economic history.
  • Students will be able to pursue graduate studies in history or social studies teaching should they so choose.