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Department of Anthropology


Fall Schedule


Fall 2021 Schedule
Section Day/Time Instructor Room Number

ANT 120- Human Evolutionary Biology

A01 NA Delson Online-AS
A02 NA Getachun Online-AS
A03 NA Getachun Online-AS
A04 NA Getachun Online-AS
S01 Mon/Wed 11:00-12:15 Colohan Online-OS

ANT 171- Introduction to Human Evolution

A01 NA Westphal Online-AS
A02 NA Reagan Online-AS
H1LB Tuesday 09:30-12:20 Sutton Hybrid, D222
H1LC Thursday 09:30-10:50 Sutton Hybrid, D222
H2LB Wednesady 09:30-12:20 Harcourt-Smith Hybrid, D222
H2LC Monday 09:30-10:50 Harcourt-Smith Hybrid, D222

ANT 206- Women and Men: Anthropological Perspective

A01 NA Salamandra Online-AS
A01 NA Salamandra Online-AS
S01 Mon/Wed 11:00-12:15 Hernandez Online-OS

ANT 210- Women in Latin America

H01 Mon/Wed 09:30-10:45 Wangerin Hybrid- C229
H02 Mon/Wed 09:30-10:45 Wangerin Hybrid- C229
S1FY Tues/Thur 14:00-15:15 Munia Online-OS

ANT 211- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

S1FY Mon/Wed 09:30-10:45 Hernandez Online-OS
H01 Tues/Thur 11:00-12:15 Rupp Hybrid, TBA
H02 Tues/Thur 12:30-13:15 Rupp Hybrid, TBA
H03 Mon/Wed 12:30-13:45 Mooney Hybrid, D219

ANT 212- Ancient Peoples and Cultures

H01 Tues/Thur 11:00-12:15 McNeil Hybrid, D219
H2FY Mon/Wed 09:30-10:45 Billadello Hybrid, D419
H03 Mon/Wed 11:00-12:15 Billadello Hybrid, D419
H04 Mon/Wed 14:15-15:15 Billadello Hybrid, D419
A01 NA Brewington Online-AS
S81 Tuesday 18:00-20:40 Mady Online-OS
S01 Tues/Thur 09:30-10:45 Diaz Garcia Online-OS

ANT 228- Language and Culture

H01 Mon/Wed 14:00-15:15 Mooney Hybrid, D419

ANT 238- Ethnography of Latin America

S01 Tues/Thur 11:00-12:15 Galvez Online-OS
A01 NA Sanford Online-AS

ANT 241- Uncovering the Culture of Early New York City

A01 NA Brewington Online-AS

ANT 269- Introduction to Human Variation

A01 NA Ramirez Online-AS
H1LC NA Dominguez Online-AS
H1LB Monday, 11:00-13:50 Dominguez Hybrid, D222

ANT 305- Forensic Anthropology

H01 Mon/Wed, 09:30-10:45 Dominguez Hybrid, D219

ANT 314- Archaeology of the Near East

S01 Tuesday, 14:00-16:40 Mady Online-OS

ANT 320- Methods and Theory in Anthropology

H01 Tues/Thur 11:00-12:15 Sanford Hybrid, D419

ANT 370- Excavation of the Lehman College Site

H1LC NA McNeil Online-AS
H1LB Tuesday, 13:00-15:50 McNeil Hybrid, D219

ANT 489- Independent Research in Anthropology

01W   Dominguez NA
02W   Harcourt-Smith NA
03W   McNeil NA
04W   Raaum NA
05W   Rupp NA
06W   Salamandra NA
05W   Sanford NA

ANT 3500- Anthropology and Human Rights

A01 NA Sanford Online-AS

HRP 218- Fundamentals of Human Rights and Peace

H01 Tuesday, 11:00-12:15 Buckley Hybrid, TBA