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The street stencil project ìCity of Baltimore to Open Nine New Museumsî is the Cultural Cryptanalysts Collectiveís blueprint for re-envisioning urban localities through a program of identifying lost resources, histories and submerged cultures wherever they may be found. Feel free to download and use our ìThis Place Designated A Museumî stencil and any other stencils that may have arrived at this site. Tailor our project to meet your own needs. Keep us informed of your doings by sending us your own stencils, essays, project reports and photos. When sending images, please be sure to attach them as.gif or.jpg files.

Activate the culture and history that are embedded in world around you, wherever you may live. We know itís there and so do you.

Notes on Stencil Use

After you download a stencil and print it out in hard copy, you can enlarge it to an appropriate size with a copy machine. Use carbon paper to make your actual stencil template, transferring the image onto a stiff board such as oaktag (or a pizza box, or an old LP cover, etc.). Then cut.

Donít make your template too small ( the image or lettering will bleed together) or too big (hard to handle in the wind or when wet from multiple use). A stencil that fits inside a large pizza box tends to be quite functional and the pizza box helpful for loitering in appropriate spots. A little bit of spray adhesive on the back helps when stenciling on concrete as does a small wisk broom for brushing away debris.

Be thoughtful when at work. A public sidewalk is generally, though not always, an appropriate location for a stencil. So are boarded up buildings. The front door to someoneís home is not appropriate. Remember, you are responsible for your actions so if you download an image and make a stencil template, use it wisely.

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