The Triangular Exhibition

The Festival of Disappearing Art(s)/Krononauts' Triangular Exhibition was held March 5-19, 1982 at three locations: The Empire Salon (now home to the Museum of the Future), School 33 Art Center in South Baltimore, and the Space Gallery at the Maryland Institute, College of Art's Station Building. Participants included Nan Becker, Paul Divone, Tom Dixon, Claire Fergusson, Tod Gangler, Doug Hall, Richard Hambleton, Davi Det Hompson, Christof Kohlhofer, Beth Lucas, Nora Ligorano, Kirby Malone, Ro Malone, Sherwin Mark, Joseph Nechvatal, Carol Parkinson, Ellen Pinto, Stephen Seemayer, Marcia Selko and Cid Collins Walker.

The Exhibition also featured a Bus Tour sponsored by Desire Productions/BaltiMedia in conjunction with School 33 Art Center's Prima Vera series.

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