Museum of The Future

527 N. Charles Street

527 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, now home to SUPERSIGNS (a sign shop), once home to Andreís Empire Salon (a beauty shop), was for one short but eventful year, autumn of 1981 to autumn of 1982, the focal point of a burst of artistic activity in the local arts community. At a time when alternative performance spaces and gallery spaces were close to non-existent, the EMPIRE SALON, located in the rear of Second Story Books, provided room for performance, poetry, film, art exhibitions and installations.

The EMPIRE SALON coincided with and was a catalyst for a flurry of other arts events in March of 1982, such as the Festival of Disappearing Arts (FDA)/Krononauts Triangular Exhibition (three sites), Odd Nights in March (eleven nights of performance at various locations) and Time Windows on Charles Street (37 artist designed and installed windows in businesses up and down Charles Street, Baltimoreís main avenue.

Of particular interest to the CCC, and inspiration for this stencil/museum, was the Krononaut Societyís ìReception for Visitors from the Futureî held on March 9, 1982 - coinciding with the occurrence of ìThe Jupiter Effectî - an astrological event in which all nine planets line up on the same side of the sun and thus become visible simultaneously on the Earth. Founded by Baltimore resident Richard ( first recorded meeting was held on March 9, 1978), the Krononaut Society attempted to reorient how we experience time and place.

Events on March 9 included: the 3:46 pm unveiling by the Crater Baltimore Committee (with Baltimoreís Mayor Schaefer present) of ìCrater Baltimore, a moonworkî (a crater on the moon that shares Baltimoreís longitude and latitude and that was immediately declared a wild-life sanctuary), a midnight reception for time-travelers from the future (the time-travelers did arrive - and they were us. Special thanks to Megan Hamilton for spotting their arrival), a transcontinental telephone performance by Doug Hall, and a performance by The Rev. Ivan Stang of The Church of The Sub-Genius.

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