Museum of African-American Culture

1815 Aliceanna Street, Fells Point

The address chosen for this stencil/museum is the location of one of Frederick Douglass' boyhood homes. The key texts for this information are, of course, Douglass' own autobiographies.

The specific street address was idenitfied in the following footnote from Dickson J. Preston's Young Frederick Douglass: The Maryland Years (Baltimore and London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1980) p.223.

1. The street's name is pronounced "Alice Anna," as if it were two words. The house no longer exists. Its site has been established by research of the Baltimore City Commission on Historical and Architectural Preservation as having been on the southeast corner of Aliceanna and Durham (formerly Happy Alley) streets, presently 1815 Aliceanna Street. A commemorative plaque was authorized on October 16, 1967, by the City Council and prepared by the Maryland Historical Society, but at this writing (1980) it has never been installed.

Note: Cryptanalyst Tactical Research teams have been unable to locate any such plaque (1996).

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