Museum of Workers' Rights

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Striking workers attempt to burn down Camden Depot, Baltimore, 1877

Camden Depot, now the site of the Baltimore Orioles' new Baseball Stadium, was also the site of a huge labor uprising in 1877. The demands of fair wages (railroad executives had issued across-the-board pay cuts in response to an economic downturn) and safe working conditions, were forcibly suppressed by the Maryland National Guard. At least 100 people were killed. In 1996, the absence of a National health care plan, mind-numbing low-paying service jobs, and the continued disrespect for workers' personal lives represents more of the same.

See Sylvia Gillett's "Camden Yards and the Strike of 1877," Chapter One in THE BALTIMORE BOOK: New Views of Local History, eds. Elizabeth Fee, Linda Shopes, Linda Zeidman (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991) pp. 1-14.

The enclosed illustrations are from Allan Pinkerton's remarkable anti-strike book of 1878 entitled Strikers, Communists, Tramps and Detectives (New York: G.W.Dillingham Co., 1878).

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