City of Baltimore Opens Nine New Museums

$250 Million Diverted From Ravens Football Stadium
City of Monuments To Become City of Museums

  1. Museum of Worker Rights, Camden Yards, (Stencil - "Railroad Strike/Riot of 1877")
  2. Museum of African-American Culture, 1815 Aliceanna Street, Fells Point, (Stencil - "Frederick Douglass Taught Himself To Read Near Here - c. 1830")
  3. Museum of Gay and Lesbian Culture, Read and Tyson Streets, (Stencil - "Divine! c. 1969")
  4. Museum of Musicology, 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, (Stencil - "The Royal 1921-1970")
  5. Museum of Urban Planning, Route 40 West, (Stencil - "40West Demolished: 971 Houses, 62 businesses, 1 school, late 1960s")
  6. Museum of the Unknowable, 909 E. Pratt Street, (Stencil- "Ouija Novelty Co. 1892")
  7. Museum of Hoaxology, 221 Park Avenue, (Stencil - Recreation Novelty Co.")
  8. Museum of Subjectivity, 868 Park Avenue, (Stencil - "The Brexton")
  9. Museum of The Future, 527 N. Charles Street, (Stencil - "Krononauts, March 9, 1982")

The City of Baltimore, in collaboration with the Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective of Baltimore, unveils today the creation of nine new museums in neighborhoods across the city. Using $250 million in funds diverted from the Ravens Football Stadium (a project in which the State of Maryland would channel large quantities of cash into the hands of private individuals with proven track-records of disrespect for local communities), the city will build nine $5 million state-of-the-art showpiece museums, each with a $20 million endowment.

Museum (myoo ze em), n. a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, and other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. [L Gk Mouselon, equiv. to Mous(a) MUSE + eion locative suffix]

"Cities, I think, are collective works of art. They grow very slowly, and most of them have very definite characters. This one certainly has."

Dr. Phoebe Stanton, Johns Hopkins University
discusing Baltimore, as quoted in
"Studying the City as a Work of Art"
John Dorsey, Sun Magazine, April 11, 1971

The CCC would like to acknowledge here The Contemporary, Baltimore's "Museum Without Walls," for their superb lead in helping to transform this city's cultural landscape - BUT ENOUGH IS NOT ENOUGH! The goal of this latest CCC project is to activate the entire city of Baltimore as a living cultural space.

Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective

cc: Mayor Kurt Schmoke of Baltimore

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