What is the Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective?

As the name suggests, the CCC is a collective of individuals dedicated to revealing the secret messages embedded in our societyís institutions, the media, and our daily lives.

Since May of 1996, the CCC has engaged in a series of street stencil actions and media campaigns including:

1. A series of stencils and press releases critiquing local art institutions including the ěGene Therapyî project which, on May 13, 1996, infected the Baltimore Museum of Art with a ělocalityî virus. As a CCC operative stated in the initial press release, ěThe BMA is destined to become the cityís finest showcase of locally produced artwork.î

2. A series of stencils around the city of Baltimore entitled ěSecret Messages Revealedî. Each stencil functioned as a curious aesthetic marker to the general public, and carried a secret message to particular individuals and/or social groups. Their locations were precisely chosen.

3. Press Release: ěCity of Baltimore to Open Nine New Museumsî

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