The Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective would like to apologize for linking each of these new museums to one of the Greek Muses. We are more than aware of our Eurocentric biases - especially when we tag the Greek Clio (History) to the Museum of African-American Culture. Our defense is simple, if weak - Binding together a Greek name, a form of culture, a particular place in Baltimore, and local history creates a certain richness that we find attractive. A case in point is the seductive pleasure of putting together the name ìCalliopeî, epic poetry, Camden Yards Baseball Stadium, radical labor movements, stikes, riots, the use of military force to suppress dissent, lost local history - and the amazing wheezing cacophony of the circs calliopeís steam whistles. We couldnít resist.

The CCC would also like to officially acknowledge our affiliation with the League of Inspirational Spellars. We admit here to being amorously involved with our own devolution of the English Language, much as we are committed to the ìincorrectî idiosyncrasies of the city of Baltimore. We have willfully disabled our spellcheck in the best Luddite tradition.

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Cultural Cryptanalysts Collective

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