Introduction by Susan Hoeltzel

David Wells, Motorized Door, instalation view at party,
May 24,1980. photo: copyright Lisa Kahane

This supplement is included to acknowledge the pioneering work of the Bronx alternative space Fashion Moda. Founded by Stefan Eins in a storefront at Third Avenue near 147th Street in the South Bronx in 1978, Fashion Moda played a significant role-providing new energy and ideas -in shaping the art of the 1980's. It was a laboratory where untrained artists and those with art school backgrounds exchanged ideas, performed, exhibited and made art-while the neighborhood joined in. Graffiti artists made their transition from subways to canvas here. Jenny Holzer and Lady Pink collaborated, John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres met and began their portrait castings, and Tim Rollins+KOS found an early venue. Neighborhood locations, ranging from abandoned school buildings to empty lots, became the raw materials for artists and their installations- Justen Ladda, Crash, Daze, John Fekner, David Wells, and David Finn among the artists to use them. Over the years many artists were a part of the installations and performances. In addition to producing exhibitions at its South Bronx site, Fashion Moda was a collaborator with Colab on the historical Times Square Show, exhibited at Documenta 7 in Kessel, West Germany, in 1982 (organized by Stefan Eins and Jenny Holzer), and at museums around the country. A recent Lehman College Art Gallery exhibition, Lisa Kahane: A Partial View of Fashion Moda, documented the early years (1979-83) and the artists, exhibitions, performances, and life in the surrounding neighborhood. This section also acknowledges an important piece of Bronx cultural history.

Susan Hoeltzel
Director, Lehman College Art Gallery

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