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Urban Studies Program

Students wishing to specialize in Urban Studies should have taken at least one of the urban-related courses listed below as a prerequisite and be recommended by the instructor in that course to the Urban Studies Committee. The student should then apply to the Committee for admission to the specialization. The courses acceptable as prerequisites are as follows:

ANT 342: Anthropology of Urbanization

AAS 178: Introduction to the Urban Community

AAS 226: Community Organization

ECO 309: Public Finance

*ECO 314: Urban Economics

*FCS (WST) 180: Modern Housing

GEH 267: The New York Metropolitan Region

HIU 333: American Urban History

*HIU 334: American Urban Architecture

POL 211: Public Policy

POL 217: Criminal Justice

POL 305: Public Administration

POL 309: State and Local Politics

POL 310: Urban Politics and Government

POL 313: Political Issues in New York City

POL 317: The Politics of American Public Education

POL (SOC) 470: Seminar and Internship in New York City Government

PSY 336: Psychology of Ethnicity

PSY 338: Community Psychology

SOC 234: Urban Sociology

Requirements of the Specialization

Students accepted for the specialization meet with a faculty committee to plan a sequence of four electives related to urban studies, in addition to the two courses URB 450: Urban Studies Seminar and URB 470: Field Research. The electives are to be chosen from existing course offerings in the social sciences outside the student's own major. They may be chosen from the list of prerequisites for entrance into the specialization, or they may be courses that receive specific approval from the faculty committee. URB 450 (Urban Studies Seminar) is open only to students in the specialization who have completed at least three electives in urban studies-related courses. The interdisciplinary field research course, URB 470, is also open only to participants in the Urban Studies specialization and may not be taken until URB 450 has been completed.

Last modified: 7/30/2015