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Upper-Division Interdisciplinary General Education Requirement (6 Credits)

After earning a minimum of 60 credits or an Associate's Degree, and officially selecting a major, all students must complete two LEH courses. The two are to be chosen in topics outside their major from four of the following five variable topics courses: LEH 351: Studies in Scientific and Applied Perspectives; LEH 352: Studies in Literature; LEH 353: Studies in the Arts; LEH 354: Historical Studies; and LEH 355: Studies in Philosophy, Theory, and Abstract Thinking. (Students who took LEH 100, LEH 101, or LEH 110 prior to Fall 2008 may substitute this course for one of the LEH 351-355 requirements.) Each semester, a series of topics for these courses will be announced in the Schedule of Classes.

Last modified: 7/30/2015