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Teacher Certification

New undergraduate programs, designed to meet New York State teacher certification requirements, went into effect for students entering undergraduate teacher education programs as of September 1, 2001. Upon completion of one of the following programs, and after achieving passing scores in required New York State teacher certification examinations, the student will have satisfied State requirements for Initial Certification in one of the following programs: Early Childhood; Early Childhood with a Bilingual Extension; Childhood; or Childhood with a Bilingual Extension.

A student can acquire a New York State initial teaching certificate when he or she has successfully completed the following:

  • all core and distribution requirements and an approved liberal arts major;
  • a 12-credit Early Childhood and Childhood Education (ECCE) minor;
  • a certification sequence of professional coursework;
  • professional practice (student teaching and student teaching seminar);
  • passing scores on required NYS teacher certification examinations: NYS LAST examination, NYS CST-Multiple Subjects examination, and NYS ATS-W examination; and
  • mandatory training in child abuse identification and reporting and violence prevention.

NOTE: Changes in program requirements designated by the New York State Education Department for Teacher, Counselor, and/or Administrator certifications occur from time to time. As such, students are advised to consult the School of the Division of Education, Room B-33 of Carman Hall, to determine the most current program requirements for certification. Students not seeking an institutional recommendation but who intend to apply independently for certification should consult with a departmental adviser prior to registration so that a course of study fulfilling State requirements may be planned. New York State may at some point end the independent transcript review route to certification. Students should consult the New York State Education Department website for updates or may check with the School of Education's Certification Office to determine if a change in this policy has been adopted.

Examination Requirements for Initial Certification

Students who seek the New York State initial teacher certification in Early Childhood or Childhood Education must pass three certification tests: the Literacy Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W), and the Content Specialty Test-Multiple Subjects (CST-Multiple Subjects).

Students who wish to register for the 12-credit ECCE minor must have successfully completed College entrance requirements as well as English and math requirements and completed a declaration of major/minor form signed by an ECCE advisor.

The Department Minor

The required courses and credits in the ECCE minor are as follows:

ECE 300: Education in Historical, Political, and Sociocultural Contexts—Birth to Grade 6 (3 credits);

ECE 301: The Child in Context: Child Study and Development—Birth to Grade 6 (3 credits);

ECE 302: Child, Family, Community, and Schools in Sociocultural Contexts—Birth to Grade 6 (3 credits); and

ECE 311: The Teaching Profession—Birth to Grade 6 (3 credits).

Last modified: 11/20/2014