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Requirements for Professional Coursework

Professional coursework includes courses focusing on teaching a variety of content areas at the early-childhood level (Birth to Grade 2) or at the childhood level (Grades 1 to 6). Additionally, students can elect a program at either level with an integrated bilingual extension.

Students who plan to enter a teacher certification program in the Department must see an undergraduate adviser to obtain information regarding both the recommended general education sequence and approved liberal arts majors prior to their first Lehman registration. Students who wish to register for professional coursework in one of the four teacher certification sequences must meet the following requirements:

Completion of the College's general core and distribution requirements, with the following specifications and additions:

Candidates must receive a C or better grade in each of the following course requirements:

Arts Requirement: One course in the Arts (Art history or music appreciation is recommended.);

Math Requirement: MAT 123 and 132, or math course approved by ECCE and math advisers;

Science Requirement: Eight credits of natural science with lab. (CHE 136, PHY 135, and/or GEO 166 are recommended.)

  • Declaration of an approved major for ECCE teacher education;
  • Completion of the 12-credit ECCE minor;
  • A minimum 2.75 overall index;
  • Completion of a written Departmental application for the certification sequence of choice

Last modified: 11/20/2014